Get To Know the Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

The industry is saturated with a lot of different beard products you can choose from, and all of them provide different results and purposes. However, when two beard grooming products have a similar effect on hair, consumers become overwhelmed by choosing the right product. We have an unending stream of consumers asking about the difference between beard balm and beard oil. Since the beard balm and the oil both used to moisturize your beard, which product is perfect for you?

Even though the answer to this query weighs heavily on individual preference, there are a few aspects of both you and the products that have to be considered. For instance, what type of beard you’re rocking (is it a short groomed beard for work, or is it a long beard that requires lots of product?).

Another variable to take into account is skin type. Is your skin dryer than usual, or is it extremely oily? Do you want your beard to have a shiny look, or do you need a matte finish? Do you work at an office, in food and hospitality, or outdoors? All of these queries apply when deciding to buy beard oil or balm.

In case you finish reading this blog post and still can’t decide, we recommend buying both (you can never have a lot of options when it comes to taking care of your beard)

Beard Balm

Beard balm is an excellent product for men rockin’ a short to large-sized groomed beard, however, also a good choice if your skin is dryer than most. The beard balm was introduced to have more thickness as compared to the beard oil – meaning it’s more viscous and needs more time to absorb. Where beard oil comes in a bottle of liquid, beard balm is closer in texture to solid or pomade cologne.

The beard balm truly sits on your skin and beard longer than the beard oil does before absorbing, which provides you longer-lasting moisture and more nourishing. This is similarly what gives your beard some additional shine while keeping it healthy.

The viscosity of beard balm is even functional – it has just sufficiently held to comb down persistent beard hairs and fly-aways that go against your grooming goals and beard’s shape. It can similarly be used as a low-hold styling agent for your sideburns and mustache for a bit more finish around the ends.

One more thing that sets beard balm apart from beard oil is versatility. Beard oil is best for keeping your beard and the skin under your beard healthy, but beard balm was also introduced to use as a skin moisturizer. You can make use of it as a daily moisturizer, something to maintain your tattoos, or you can keep it for dryer months that needs some extra TLC.

Beard Oil

This is the most important grooming accessory for modern beardsman. Beard Oil is usually recommended for all types of beards, but especially in initial stages of beard growth. Its moisturizing factors help in treating beard dandruff and flaking and similarly settle down the itchy phase of younger and newer beards.

It is an oil-based light moisturizer that can be used throughout your entire beard effortlessly and quickly. Its liquid form similarly means it’s more useful in hydrating the skin through trimmed or shorter beards as against their larger counterparts.

Beard oil absorbs into the hair and skin more quickly than beard balm. As an outcome, your beard will have a matte finish look, rather than shiny or glossy. Beardsmen with much longer beards should make use of a beard comb or brush to distribute the beard oil evenly through the entire beard. While their look is subtle, beard oils will offer you a smooth and silky beard without the gunky texture you might get from silicone products and commercial conditioners.

If you’re thinking whether you can apply both the balm and the oil to your beard at the same time, the answer is yes; however, with a caveat:

Be careful when you’re using both of them. While using both in right amounts can actually level up your beard game, it’s comparatively easy to overdo it. Begin with just a little amount of product, and gradually work your way up to what you require.

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