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Goodbye Codecs and Videos That Do Not Work: The Best PC Programs

It often happens, especially when we receive files or when we download movies from the web, to find ourselves in front of formats that we do not know or that are simply not supported by the programs at our disposal.

This happens even more frequently when we plan to view various movies on our mobile devices. Players dedicated to smartphones have in fact often less availability with regard to codecs and tend to create problems on various formats that are not the main and most popular on the web.

It is precisely for this reason that it becomes necessary to be able to rely on a good video converter, so that software gives us the possibility to change at will from one format to another, so as to obtain films that maintain the original quality and that are visualized by our dedicated players.

Here are some programs to convert our videos quickly and effectively:


Handbrake is very used, it is a very powerful program dedicated to video conversion. Handbrake, available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, allows us to process our movies and transform them into the formats we want. The only flaw is that the procedure is a bit ‘cumbersome and, at the same time, offers very few output options.

Interesting, however, to be used, especially for Mac users who can find a lower level of choice for Windows users.

Movavi Video Converter

A good video conversion program is then Movavi Video Converter. What characterizes Movavi is its simplicity of use that hides however also a discrete depth.

In case we simply need to convert our files, in fact it will be possible to do it in a few clicks, quickly obtaining a movie in another format.

If instead we are going to add elements and elaborate more our shot, Movavi offers us a whole series of options related to the output that make it a complete and functional software for our goal.


The adapter is rather optimized and strong with an attractive interface. We are talking about a free tool that offers the possibility to convert our videos. Adapter is quite intuitive, offers a fairly small number of formats but still manages to do its job quite efficiently.

Format Factory

Available only for Windows, then there is Format Factory, a very essential program with rather dated graphics. Format Factory, however, allows us to convert our videos in different formats, maybe not using the cpu at the top but still offering a good number of options.

The video conversion is now essential for those who want to enjoy the best of their movies, exploiting them with the most varied applications and perhaps adapting them to the social world, creating files ready to be uploaded and shared, making them as user-friendly and compact as possible and making them run on social networks instant messaging networks and programs.

Thanks to these softwares it will be easier to reach your goal, whether you want to play with the most varied options, in case you want to go straight to the point and convert your files in the fewest possible clicks!

Author Bio: She has done her graduation from United States in the field of photography and designing. Her passion towards animation is stronger than her field of interest. Current she is working as an animator in a custom animated video company. In a mean times manage her own blog regarding graphics and animation where she share her professional experience with all.

Goodbye Codecs and Videos That Do Not Work: The Best PC Programs
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