A Guide on MRI Scan and How to Find a Best MRI Scan Center in Mumbai

Best MRI Scan Center in Mumbai

What is an MRI Scan? An MRI or Magnetic Response Imaging Scan is a technique used to pass the strong magnetic field and radio waves over the human body which creates the detailed images of the organs inside the human body and helps the doctor to understand and know the disease within the body. From the detailed images of the organs and the tissues, the cure of the disease in the body can be found and implemented.

The human body goes through the MRI machine and the machine passes the waves and magnetic field in different angles over the body creating the images of the organ and tissue that has to be examined. It is different from those of CT scans and X-rays as it does not use the harmful radiations.

The MRI scan is popular around the globe and some places in India too. Some of the major cities of India have well-equipped facilities of MRI Scan in which Mumbai is among one of the cities.

There are various MRI Scan Centers in Mumbai providing a good facility with renowned doctors from all over the globe.

Quick facts about the MRI Scan

These facts about the MRI Scan makes it different from other scan types which use the radiation and waves for scanning purpose. Here are the facts on MRI Scan,

  • MRI scanning is a painless procedure
  • The first MRI machine was created by Raymond Damadian which was nicknamed as Indomitable
  • The basic cost of MRI is around $100,00 but it can go more than that if much more intense process is required
  • Around the globe, Japan has the most advanced MRI scanning techniques.

Why MRI is used?

An MRI has bought a huge change in the medical field for the identification and cure of the disease. With the MRI one can know the exact region in the human body where the action needs to be taken, Today, doctors, scientists, as well as researchers are now able the examine the inside organs of the human body in a non-invasive manner by using this tool. Here why and for what the MRI is used

With the help of MRI Scanners, the doctors can examine and cure these human organs.

  • It helps to determine the behavior and anomalies of the brain and spinal cord
  • The MRI machine can be helpful in identifying the tumors, cysts, and other anomalies in various inside organs and parts of a human body.
  • Breast cancer which is one of the most occurred diseases today can be screened with the help of MRI machines
  • Injuries or the abnormalities in the joint of back or knees
  • The specific type of heart problems
  • Identification of the disease in Abdominal organs, uterine, pelvic pain, liver disease, and other abdominal organs can be cured.

These are just the common issues which are bought in the hospitals on a daily basis and it is not the full list of scanning done by MRI machine. There is a huge extension of scope and use of MRI Scanning. So, by performing an MRI Scan it becomes easy for a doctor to identify the problem and find a cure for it. If you are facing any internal injury which is being difficult to treat by a normal

scan or X-ray, you can visit any of the MRI Scan centers in Mumbai, to get it identified and treated.

How the MRI scan is carried out?

For the MRI scan, there is a very least preparation that a hospital needs to follow. Whenever the patient arrives in the hospital for an MRI scan, they are first asked to change their usual dress to the gown so that the machine can scan the body properly. The gown is a very light weight which allows the rays in the machine to penetrate through the gown and scan the affected area.

If you are wearing any jewelry or accessories you might be asked to remove it so that it does not have any interference with the machine. After all these, the patient will be made to lay on the bed which will move inside the machine for the scanning. Before the MRI scan, the patient might be injected with an Injection of Intravenous contrast liquid which makes the tissues more prominent so that they can easily be scanned without any interference and same is followed in MRI Scan centers in Mumbai.

The doctor or the radiologist who is going to cover your MRI scan will provide you some instructions and will tell you about the scanning process.

Once you are on the scanner table you will be provided with the ear-pieces or headphones which will block out the loud noises coming out from the scanners. Once inside the machine, the MRI technician will communicate with the patient via intercom to know their comfortability.

If the patient is not feeling comfort the MRI scan may not be carried out or it may be delayed to make the patient comfortable first. When the scan is being carried out it is advised not to panic and be still as any movement can disrupt the scanning process and may cause distortion in the images formed after the scanning which can result in abnormal results of the scanning.

A patient might be asked to hold the breath for some time so that image formed is perfect and also while scanning the there might be loud noises from the machine which is normal.

How much time is required for an MRI Scan?

Whether the scanning is done in MRI Scan Centers in Mumbai or at any other region, the time taken for the scanning is between 15 to 90 minutes which includes all such as preparation of patients for scanning till the result of the images formed from scan and it depends on the size of the area that needs to be scanned in the human body.

How to find MRI Scan Centers in Mumbai?

If you are in Mumbai and looking for an MRI Center here, the best way to find these is using the Internet. Or if you are living in Mumbai for a long time, you must be aware of the scanning centers near you or you can consult your nearby physician who might tell the MRI centers in Mumbai.

But according to me, the Internet has a vast directory for different hospitals and centers for MRI scanning so browsing through it can help you find the best MRI in Mumbai. You can look out on Justdial, Sulekha, Yellow Pages, and various other sited for the MRI scanning centers in Mumbai.           

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