Health benefits of Ragi

Health benefits of Ragi

It is one of the whole grain that is gluten free which is mainly used in South India which is also called as finger millet. Even you can add millets in your daily diet which is closely related to finger millet. The crop is specially grown in high altitudes and withstand harsh weather conditions, which is best suited for Indian climatic conditions. The grain is rich in calcium and protein and also a good amount of iron, and other minerals. Ragi is low in fat most of them are unsaturated fats and there are many health benefits of ragi. The grain is consumed when it is a fine powder and this ragi flour is prepared by either crushing dried grains in the hot sun or frying it later grinding them. Karnataka is a state which is leading producer of Ragi and it is generally consumed as Ragi mudde. Some parts of South India consumed this flour by preparing porridge.

Here are the amazing benefits of Ragi

Helps to control Diabetes

The crops are filled with polyphenols and dietary fibers as compared to rice, maize or wheat. Ragi is very good for diabetes patients which are rooted in its chemical nature. It is very important for blood formation and blood sugar levels which also helps to heal and repair muscle tissue, bones, and skin. If there is a regular intake of ragi will help to get enough of these amino acids has many benefits among them helping the growth of healthy skin and hair.

Keeps young

It works like a wonder for maintaining young and youthful skin and the antioxidants which present in ragi helps to prevent free radical cell damage. The amino acids methionine and lysine which is present in ragi helps to boost the production and maintenance of collagen levels. Collagen is very important for skin and also helps to prevent wrinkle and also cross-linking reduces this ability, which leads to the stiffness commonly associated with age.

Helps in Weight Loss

The amount of fiber which is present in Ragi is an excellent source which helps to reduce weight by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Those who want to reduce their weight advised eating ragi once in a day. The fiber in Ragi keeps the stomach full for longer and stops unwanted eatings. This will help to minimized appetite and weight loss.

Ragi is a rich source of Minerals

This grain is very rich in source of minerals and the grain has been found to have between 5-30 times the calcium content when it is compared to other cereals. Calcium is very important component for maintaining bone density and its health. Out of all the cereals, this one is the most nutritious and healthier. 100 grams of Ragi contains 344 mg of calcium which is more than enough for the body.

Reduces Bad cholesterol

Emerging research has shown that Ragi has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A natural fat content in Ragi is lower than all other cereals and the amino acids lecithin and Methionine which helps in decreasing the cholesterol levels in your body by removes excess fat in the liver.


Overall Ragi contains good nutrients which are very good for health.


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