After Heart Transplant – How Long Does It Take for Recovery?

Heart transplant surgery has become a very common procedure and all the heart surgeons are easily able to perform it in India. Once the surgery is completed, a person is taken to the intensive care unit for recovery. The patient is then put on a breathing machine for a period of six to eight hours while the effects of anesthesia wear off. Once the breathing tube is removed by the doctors, physical therapists and nurses the start working gradually to increase the activity level of the patient.

According to the doctors of the best heart hospitals in Delhi, the most numbers of patients stay in the hospital for a period of three days. At the same time, their stay in the hospital also depends upon the pace of their recovery. Once the patient gets stable, he is then transferred into a private room in the intermediate ICU. This is the time when the patient, as well as his caregivers, will learn how to take care of the new heart after the heart transplant in India. The nurses and the transplant pharmacists shall also teach the patient about the new medical regimen that he is supposed to follow after the surgery.

Physical, as well as occupational therapists, shall work with the patient in order to build up his strength as well as stamina. They will then tell the patient about all the safest as well as effective ways using which he can increase his activity and daily chores once discharged from the hospital. The transplant dietician then educates the patient as well as all his caregivers about the proper nutrition that he is required to follow after heart transplant in India. In some cases, the patient is also assigned with the social worker who works with the patient as well as his family so as to address local housing, coping, resources, as well as other forms if need be.

After the hospital:

According to the doctors of the best heart hospitals in Delhi, once the patient leaves the hospital, he will be requiring a regular follow-up with the concerned doctor in order to monitor the progress after heart transplant in India. For the first two months after the surgery, the patient is required to see his doctor in every one or two weeks.

If everything goes well and the recovery of the patient goes smooth, the visits to the doctors after six months are likely to be cut to one or two month intervals. After a year of the surgery, these visits are likely to be cut by thrice a year. Generally, it takes a period of three to six months to recover fully after heart transplant surgery.

As a person starts healing after heart transplant surgery in India, he is required to take note of the following things:

  1. Take care of his incision site.
  2. Complete the course of medicines on a regular basis.
  3. Take all kinds of follow-up tests and attend all the concerned appointments.
  4. Focus on regaining his strength as well as a muscle mass that has been lost as a result of sickness before the transplant.

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