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A History of Ceiling Fan Brands

Ceiling fans have been one of the most important and useful inventions of the 20th century. The term “ceiling fan” was given to this discovery as the object would be hanged from the ceiling in order to provide cool air to the public. The fan is usually electrically powered and the blades rotate in a circular motion to circulate the air throughout the space or the room on whose ceiling it is mounted. Ceiling fans are totally different from the air conditioning system. Fans are not capable of cooling the air, but only circulate the air with the temperature of the air remaining the same.

Ceiling fans have been first observed in America in the late 1860s and 70s.The first ceiling fans were powered by steam turbines that consisted of a two blade fan unit. The mechanism got so famous that it was used in many restaurants and offices too. Over the span of time ceiling fans have been developed with much more attention towards the power consumption and the effectiveness of its job. Many styles have been added and used over the period of time to make it more fashionable and energy efficient.

Operating methods of the fan were also quite different in the early stages to what we see nowadays. The method of operation in those days depended upon the manufacturer. Pull chain fan had a metal bead chain attached to the fan. The chain helped to get the fan to its operational speed when pulled and then back off. The fan had usually three speeds. Another type of fan with a different operating method was with variable speed control. In the 1970s and 1980s, fans were manufactured with different speed controls. The dial was mounted on the fan that helped to regulate its speed when turned on wither of the directions. The next thing that came into popularity was the wall mounted control. The fans had their control mounted on the wall instead of the fans and it helped to regulate the speed of the fan.  

Cast iron ceiling fans were in use from 1882 to 1950. The fan had a heavy duty oil motor that helped in the work progress but the motor had to be oiled regularly or it would jam or make a cranking noise. Spinner fans had a direct drive motor unlike the stationary decorative cover. These fans made the most of the industrial fans. DC ceiling fans were also designed that used a brushless DC motor and it offered much efficiency than the traditional driven AC motors. These fans had greater efficiency; lower eat level, lower noise level and also integration of remote control.

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A History of Ceiling Fan Brands

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