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Home Glass Stains Removal in 5 Easy Steps

home glass stain removal

One of the biggest nightmares of any homeowner is the stains that appear on the glass window panes or doors, the bathroom shower glass, glass table tops or any glass household product and the tedious procedure to go about cleaning that stain either on their own or opt for a costly home glass stain removal service. The main cause of these stains is dirty hands of hyperactive children, the occasional accidents causing the glasses to be stained by dirt or water or food. While dirt and food stains are easily removed with a strong glass polish and cleaner, it is the water stains that cause most of the problems. Though it seems strange that water, which is used to clean practically everything, can also be the cause for stains the answer is the type of water that is coming in contact with the glass. 

Steps for Home Glass Stain Removal:

Hard water is the main cause behind the need for the tedious home glass stain removal process that every homeowner goes through. When you accidentally spray water over the glass and think that it is just water and it will evaporate, you got part of the reasoning right.

While the water will evaporate, the water is not ‘just water’ but consists of minerals like calcium and magnesium that leaves a milky white trail in its wake making the glass look dirty and aged. The best way is to practice prevention which is better than a cure. Which means,  you can wipe the glass clean immediately, but it is not always possible as you might not be aware of the water spill until the white lines appear.

As mentioned earlier, the deposits of the hard water are minerals that are fairly stubborn to remove is mostly alkaline. Thus, you will need something acidic in nature to tackle these stains. If you do not have glass polish or stain removers handy, you can always resort to homemade remedies for achieving the crystal clear glasses.

Some of The Most Popular Remedies Are:

1. Baking soda

A versatile product, the abrasive nature of baking soda is perfect to remove the hard stains without scratching the glass surface. First, you apply some water on the affected area and then add baking soda powder on the wet area and gently massage the spot. After the area is cleaned, wipe the paste off with a wet and clean cloth.

2. Water and vinegar

Vinegar is a magic potion and is a solution to many home and personal remedies. A mixture of equal proportions of water and vinegar is a handy remedy for home glass stain removal. You can either use the mixture directly on the glass surface or damped cloth and then use it wipe off the area. Either way, you might require applying the mixture a couple more times depending on how old and stubborn the stain is. The vinegar mixture soaks the stains away.

3. Dishwashing soap

Often a good dishwashing soap does the job. The soap not only cleanses the stains but also makes the surface gleam. The process is simple, wet the area, apply soap and scrub it gently with cotton or cloth and then wipe away the suds. You can also wash it with water but remember to dry the surface after washing.

4. Other natural products

Another effective home glass stain removal remedy is the use of citrus-based products like lemon or essential oils. You can directly apply half of a lemon over the stained area or use a sponge soaked with the juice or oil to clean the surface. Besides cleaning the area, the smell is also pleasant.

5. Newspaper

This method works best if you spot the water right away. Simply let the newspaper soak the water and thus prevent the formation of the stains.

A regular or even a weekly home glass stain removal task should be in your list of home chores. Letting the minerals build up will not only make the appearance of the glass ungainly but it will also make cleaning harder. A clean home is the abode of creativity and health. The glass panes and table tops too are included in that program.

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