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How to earn money on Instagram?

How to make money on instagram

Instagram is the real deal. Period.

Launched in 2010, and acquired by Facebook just after two years in 2012 for close to $1 billion, Instagram has become the centre of attention. Growing from strength to strength, it is now considered to be one of the most popular and actively used social media platforms. With approximately 1 billion active monthly users and around 50 billion photos uploaded on it to date, Instagram has, without a doubt, become a force to reckon with.

The question is, how can you use this particular platform to earn money – lots of it. After all, more money doesn’t hurt anyone, or does it?

Now you might have heard of Instagrammers making loads of money through the platform, and you would definitely have wondered how you can do the same, haven’t you?

Well, similar to successful YouTubers and bloggers, the individuals who capture the attention of people by engaging them, expand their reach, gain a following, and are able to influence people can cash in on Instagram.

Here’s how you too, can earn money on Instagram:


  • Start with gathering followers


You need a significant number of followers before you can actually start making the big bucks. The fact is that success on any of the social media platforms is directly related to the number of followers you have. After all, the more the followers, the more your content is seen and the higher the chances of conversions. This is what brands value. Plus, how else can companies begin their association with you if they feel like there’s nothing substantial that you can add to their businesses?

The bottom line is that the higher the number of followers, the more credible you are seen as. This works like a chain reaction that then encourages other people to follow you and brands to approach you.

Don’t lose heart if you don’t have any followers at the moment. Everyone starts at the bottom. You can do this by posting interesting pictures, videos, and content that appeals to your audience. Like photos in your niche, network with people, socialize, encourage people to follow you, and put hashtags in your content.


  • Ensure the quality of the content


There’s absolutely no way you can hope to be successful on Instagram and make money if you do not share quality content – eye-catching images, amazing videos, and impeccable captions.

So, leave no stone unturned when it comes to posting quality content. After all, it is your representation and the one thing that can make or break your chances of being successful on Instagram.


  • Become an Influencer


Influencers are individuals who have established a reputation for themselves online. They are the trendsetters and tastemakers who can shape the opinion of people. Brands, around the globe partner up with influencers because they have realized their importance in getting the word out about their products as well as services.

Plus, the fact the influencers can show the company’s products and talk about its services makes things even better. This is because people usually are on their defence when they see advertisements by companies themselves. However, when other people who are just like themselves and whose opinion is respected show them the product, they tend to take notice.  

Note the products or services can be anything, ranging from grooming products to software development services.


  • Become an Affiliate


An affiliate drives sales for brands by partnering up with them. Promo codes and links are the two options used. But given that Instagram doesn’t allow links other than in the bio, it means that one can only partner up with one brand. Considering that, promo codes are better since they can be incorporated into the content.

Reach out to the companies operating on Instagram – there are 25 million of them – and become an affiliate.


  • Open your own Online Store


Contrary to what most people think, you can use Instagram not only to sell other people goods but also your own goods or services. However, you’ll need to first gain followership and get people to trust you by standing out as an expert in some particular field. Then you can build your business, be it a make-up store or a software company around your target audience. By integrating your store with Instagram, you can make it very convenient for people to buy your product and services.

The takeaway

So, there you have it – the five ways of earning money on Instagram.

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