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How To Explore Split Like A Local

Split is an adventurous town on the beautiful stretch of the Adriatic and it’s one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations right up there alongside the country’s many heavenly islands. To help you feel right at home and explore the vast idyllic city like a Splićani (a person native to Split), here’s an inside view of the town through the eyes of an experienced local.

What and where to eat

Fresh grown is the order of the day in Dalmatia with the Pazar earning a reputation as the best one-stop farmers’ market for all things juicy and healthy. If you have a taste for divine seafood then the fish market Peškarija is where to look as it is a place famous for its Adriatic delicacies. The markets close at 2 pm after opening the gates at 7 am and you if you shop in the wee hours of the afternoon right before closing you can get items at considerably lower costs than usual.

On the other hand, should you fancy eating out then you’ll find that Split has an abundance of options. You could opt for the predominantly seafood restaurant of Tavern- known for a mouth-watering cuisine and similarly excellent atmosphere- or the Uje Oil Bar that has cemented a name for offering sumptuous Croatian snacks. For breathtaking views overlooking the sea coupled with the caliber of food to match, Restaurant Dvor is definitely the place to be and so too is Bokeria i.e. a vibrant restaurant also in the heart of the city.

Where to Shop

There are many places in and around the town offering all kinds of products and services but Diocletian’s palace is usually quite the hub comparatively. It is lined with all manner of cafes and restaurants and there also several stores and boutiques on the peripheries offering modern and traditional necessities, trinkets, souvenir and whatever else you might need.

Where to get a good drink and unwind

Just on the shoulder of Trg Braće Radića street, the outdoor themed café of Galerija Palvce offers a nice retreat for coffee and delicious cake complemented by photography and art exhibitions every once in a blue moon. Luxor in St Duje Cathedral’s courtyard is also a great alternative to the late-night drinking den of Fluid which is a cobbled establishment perfect for a night out. Speaking of which, the adjacent bohemian Ghetto club is also just as pleasing.

Places to visit

Split certainly doesn’t disappoint with the town not only connecting to popular islands but also availing stunning treasures of its own. The surrounding waters are filled with adventure offering some of the best Croatia sailing across the Adriatic featuring an itinerary including alluring islands such as Vis and Čiovo which are blessed with sparkling blue waters, dramatic cliffs and soothing beaches that are as vast and endearing as they are relaxing. Other great places to visit also include the amazing gallery of Meštrović, the nostalgic Cathedral of Sveti Duje, the medieval hill of Marjan, the invigorating Croatian National Theater (HNK) and, of course, the ancient remains of Diocletian’s Palace which, mind you, is a UNESCO-listed heritage.

You should have no trouble getting around Split as the town’s transport network is well established while the people are charming, helpful and particularly inviting to visitors. Moreover, most of the locals are adequately fluent in English so you’ll have no problems blending right in.


How To Explore Split Like A Local

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