How to Initiate A Book Drive for Underprivileged Children

Book Drive for Underprivileged Children

The thought of growing up without books is nothing less than a nightmare. Sadly, it is a reality for most children from low-income backgrounds. Reading boosts brain development and stimulates imagination. The development of language and emotion is also linked with reading. Unfortunately, many children miss out on the benefits that come with reading because they can’t afford to buy books. And when they go to school, they come across many challenges which might prevent them from keeping up with the rest of their age mates.

NEEO is an HD calling app which you can use to initiate a book drive for children who don’t have the means to purchase books. The app comes with several other features which will assist you with your cause.

1. Search for places to donate to

The first step is to look for local schools and community centers, preferably in the neighborhood. Get in touch with them to find out how many students there are and what their needs are. Talk to the supervisors and teaching staff at these institutions so you can coordinate with them. You’ll have to ask them beforehand if they’ll accept only new books or if they’re okay with second-hand books too. Also, determine the age group that you wish to arrange books for.

2. Look for sponsors and team members

Find out if someone else is taking similar initiative and collaborate with them since this way you’ll find more prospective donors. You can ask friends and family for assistance in forwarding the message. By putting down the name of a corporate sponsor you can increase the reach of your drive. Look for a company that has a CSI (Community Service Initiative) department as they will be more willing to help out. Use NEEO, the HD calling app, to make calls to sponsors.

3. Decide on an approximate number

It won’t be easy to calculate at the start but draw up a rough estimate in your head. You need to be clear about your goals so that you stay focused throughout the endeavor. Think about setting small libraries at the institutions on your list. Each library should have around 200-500 books ranging from ages five to fifteen or so.

4. Try to meet goals on time

Generally, a drive takes around two to four weeks. To give your drive a boost you can plan it around an International event, such as Children’s Literary Day since it’s the time of the year when people will donate more generously. The corporate agency you’re working with will also be more agreeable since there will be greater media coverage. And although you’re not in it for profit or publicity, media coverage will highlight your cause and motivate more people to donate books.

5. Spread word using different sources

Use different online mediums to spread the word about the initiative and ask for contributions. Create a post with an eye-catching caption so that people are inspired to share it on their walls. The greater the number of shares, the sooner you’ll reach your target. Create a separate page for your initiative and other than posts regarding the initiative, put up fun facts about reading. Encourage people to participate by asking them which books they loved when they were little and what their kids are into now.

6. Design libraries to attract students

Think of designs that would appeal to the target age group. The books can be divided into two age slots, 5-9 and 10- 15. Create cozy reading corners for the younger ones by placing colorful cupboards along with cute floor cushions. Make sure the library is set up where there is ample lighting and encourage kids to read in proper lighting at all times. Put up posters to motivate and inspire the 10- 15-year-olds.

7. Put student monitors in charge of libraries

Once you’ve donated books you would want to make sure they’re being used and not abused. Put one adult and one student in charge of taking care of the libraries at each institution. They should be trained on how to laminate books and keep them organized.

Even though 200-500 is not a large number they will still have to create labels according to language and subject. They should guide students on how books are to be handled with utmost care and that scribbling on or tearing even one page ruins the entire book.

It is sad to see children growing closer to electronic gadgets and away from books. Change is good but the importance of books remains unrivalled. There are several books available online too but when you hold a book in your hands, the feeling is magical. NEEO Messenger, with its various features for smooth communication,

will facilitate your cause of spreading the love for reading. The HD calling app will help you get like-minded people on board who will join you on your noble quest. You can use the NEEO Wallet app to handle your digital currency since you might need to keep tabs over your finances too.

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