Important Qualities of a Good Journalist

In my particular obsession to clarify who can practice journalism, I want to offer you for reflection what are the professional qualities that a journalist should have. Or what is the same, what are the minimum required to be granted the name of the journalist.

The Journalist must know how to tell good stories in the new multimedia environment:

If something distinguishes journalists and has always distinguished them, it is their ability to tell stories. The journalist is that professional of good stories. It is a person who tells a good story that makes who read it, get excited. Therefore, the journalist must be trained in the new narratives and improve those that already exist. The journalist must know the new formats, master the new languages, access the possibility of reporting from any format to adapt his speech to any of them and continue to generate emotions through their stories.

The journalist must know the world to be able to tell it:

The journalist of the future should have an international mentality to be able to have a deep knowledge of the own reality and to be able to report on it giving the necessary keys for a better understanding.

For this, it must have cultural autonomy, it must be in constant tension to learn, to observe, to analyze, to value justly, in short, to enhance its culture.

The journalist must report what he knows, not what he thinks he knows. That is, to be a reference in values. For this you need,

The person said that humility “is not beautiful women trying to believe they are ugly or intelligent men trying to convince themselves that they are stupid”. Humility is being aware of your values ​​and accomplishments but not thinking more than a second. The journalist is very given to pride, to believe that one’s own is true and unique.

And the journalist must be very open to listening, to value, to make a fair judgment of reality that allows him to have a clear conscience of what he is going to spread.

Be ethical:

Only with proven and solid ethical values, and only if you know what is the transcendent meaning of life, may the informant be able to overcome a relativistic and diminished vision when it comes to prosecuting the facts in his professional performance.

The good formation of the conscience and the knowledge of professional ethics cannot be taken for granted. They are not possessed by the fact of having been born, nor are they acquired without more by the routine exercise of the profession. It is something that, to be able to live it, before you have to learn it. If this is not the case, it would imply irresponsibility such as would suffice on its own for the professional self-disqualification of anyone acting in this way.

And in addition, the journalist must know the ethical norms of his profession, if he does not become a subject incapable of acting responsibly: he degrades himself as a person and as a professional and what is worse, as his power and influence increase, it becomes the cause of the degradation of a perhaps large number of innocents. Nick Gamache Ottawa has spent more than 15 years in the Canadian media circles.

Nick Gamache Journalist has spent the bulk of his career as a journalist and producer where he gained extensive experience in writing and performing for broadcasts as well as writing and editing online content.

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