Incredible Outdoor Must-to-do Adventures in Oman

Oman, one of the best kept rhinestones of the middle-east, doesn’t boast the ‘biggest’ and ‘first’ of anything in the world, but it does take pride in boasting its rich heritage, glorious past, embracing society, strong sense of identity and confidence in a highly educated and advanced future and this is what makes this land of valor stand above all the luxuries of the middle-east. This magnificent land offers a unique opportunity to its guest to experience the rare Arab world. The rising towns still retain their charming traditions and portray the kaleidoscopic blend of modern lifestyle and age old culture. With an abundance of natural beauty from the terrain of mountains, long coastlines and deserts, Oman reminds us of the glorious past of the Islamic world.

But today’s Oman has much more to offer. Along with witnessing the forts standing still with pride or museums that collect the archeological artifact one can experience some thrilling adventures in this land of mighty mountains, and lush leafy vales.

Water sports

If you are a thalassophile and love exploring the underwater world, Oman is heaven for you, as the nation offers a lot of options on diving down the ocean. From snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, the nation has everything in its bucket to quench the thirst of your adventurous soul. Eagle Bay, Turtle Alley and English Beach are some of the popular diving sites of Salalah. You will be amazed to get a closer encounter with marine life diversity. From Devil Rays, Jenkin Whip Rays, Black Botched Stringrays, octopus, turtles etc. are some of the beautiful marine species. Be careful, your presence shouldn’t hurt this beautiful place.

Do picnic on top of the ‘Grand Canyon’

The razor edge peaks and steep cliffs, the western Hajar Mountains is blessed with an iconic landscape that couldn’t feel further from those flat desert plains of the middle-east. If you are a good climber, you can try your skill (and luck as well) here and go up hiking and experiencing heart-in-mouth viewpoints atop WahdiNakhr, dubbed the country’s vast Grand canyon for its yawning chasm.

A trip to Rub’ Al Khali

Known as the ‘Empty Quarter’, Rub’ Al Khali is not meant to be taken lightly. Even the Bedouins are wary of this desolate terrain. Located in the southern part of the Arabian peninsula, it is the largest continuous sand sea in the world. Due to the harsh environment, the desert lacks any accommodation facility and you must hire an experienced guide if you want to explore this place (if you don’t want your story to be featured on a survival series on television).

Don’t forget to greet yourself by visiting these amazing places, if you want to discover the amazing sea life. To explore the city scrupulously and lavishly, save some bucks while booking a flight ticket for Oman from India. Book your flight ticket from an online flight booking portal and pay a reasonable price.

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