Some Interesting Legal Cases every law Enthusiast Should Know About

Some Interesting Legal Cases every law Enthusiast Should Know About

You must have gone through various law books. But have you ever gone through some interesting and fascinating stories which gave milestones judgments in the court? This guest post will give you plenty of information regarding lesser known law cases which should be known by every law student. Law is surely an interesting subject to learn. Especially when you come to know about unique and wonderful cases that work as the milestone in the path of law. If you are thinking that we will be going to discuss simple cases like music should not be turned up too high, or rules regarding traffic signals, or business laws discussion.

Then you are wrong. This guest post will help to explore several lesser-known law cases which still fascinates the law enthusiasts. Wanted to know what were those interesting law cases? Read this full post. Moreover, you can hire a Legal Case Study help for detailed information.

Leonard V PepsiCo

An Interesting case came into the spotlight in the year 1999, when Pepsi Company ran the advertisement in the USA for a scheme. In that advertisement, a teenager was shown with a Harrier jump jet and he wrote a text on the board that was “HARRIER FIGHTER 7,000,000 PEPSI POINTS”. After seeing that advertisement, an entrepreneur named Leonard calculated the costs as each point is of 10c.

The cost comes out to be $ 700,008.50. He sent that check to the PepsiCo company for the demand of Fighter plane in return which actually having the cost of $23 million roughly. On seeing this, Pepsi co reject the cheque by telling its actual costs.

Whereas Leonard took the company to the court for breaching the contract. However, his claim was rejected in the court where it made a deadpan humour among all with a comment in which judge said that the youth in that advertisement was an improbable pilot who should not be trusted having the key of parents car, where the price of aircraft of the country (U.S.A) was very less.

Re A (conjoined twins)

This case is quite unpleasant to listen but still all odds it comes under the law which must be addressed to every law student. In 2001, England, there were two twins named Rosie and Gracie. They both were joined from the abdomen and life of Rosie was fully dependent on Gracie as she oxygenated blood from Gracie abdomen.

After so many tests, it has been seen that the survival of Gracie is much higher than Rosie. If surgically they both were separated, then Gracie will live the life whereas Rosie had to die. But if they were left conjoined, then both will not able to see their first birthday.

Initially, the judge declared that separating two is not a murder but considered as “passive euthanasia”. They came into conclusion with an operation which saves Gracie rather than killing her sister, Rosie. The operation was successful now Gracie is a teenager and wanted to become a doctor in future.

R v Rabey

In 1980, a geology student Wayne Rabey, aged 20 years studying in Canada who was having an interest in the class fellow female student. They were sharing the normal life, until when Rabey got the letter in which she wrote Rabey is nothing for her and he bugged her. Adding to that, she also mentioned that she liked someone else.

On reading that, he asked his female friend what she thinks about him when they last met on the corridor. She told him candidly that she saw him like a friend, nothing else. After listening to it, he hit her with the rock sample that was in his hand.

At trial, he confessed that he just suffered from a psychological blow which slipped him into the automatism state. And he also said that this was just unintentional which will not happen again. The Supreme court was agreed with his appeal and said if he will again do such kind of insane and dissociative action, then he must require psychological treatment.

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