Intermediate Trumpets Buying Guide

K.Custom Intermediate Silver Trumpe

Intermediate trumpets offer some of the features of a professional trumpet but at a lower price. At best, they might meet a student’s needs through high school. I usually recommend that students try to purchase a professional instrument if they are serious about becoming a great player. They just play better and last longer. A professional instrument will last many years for someone who plays a lot, and they can last a lifetime for someone who doesn’t play as much. But for many people, the cost of a professional instrument just can’t be justified. This is the reason for intermediate trumpets.Intermediate Trumpets

Type of Intermediate Trumpets

Most intermediate trumpets are bought silver plated, and often just having a “silver trumpet” is the motivation a students needs to kick-start their practice. Silver plating does last much longer than lacquer. Please do not make the mistake of purchasing a colored instrument. The colored lacquer doesn’t last any longer than regular lacquer, and it usually drives the band director crazy.K.Custom Intermediate Silver Trumpet

Top Brands of Intermediate Trumpets

The brands I recommend are basically the same brands as the beginner instruments I recommend. I like the Getzen 590 Capri series, the Kanstul 700 Series, the Yamaha YTR-4335G, the King Silver Flair, and the Bach TR200. These are all good instruments.

If you’re looking for models not listed below, just click on the link at the bottom of the page for Musician’s Friend. They have almost every trumpet available today at the best prices.


  1. Getzen 590-S Capri Intermediate Bb Trumpet with Saddle
  2. Kanstul 700 Series Bb Trumpet Silver
  3. Yamaha YTR-4335G Series Bb Trumpet YTR-4335GS Silver
  4. King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet 2055S Silver Thumb Saddle
  5. Bach TR200 Series Bb Trumpet T200S Silver

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