Know about cardiac problems and the available treatment and surgical options

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About cardiac problems

Such issues refer to disease, malfunctioning or disorder of the heart along with its blood delivery system, which is the blood vessels, namely the arteries and the veins. Cardiac problems can be segmented into the following:

  • Circulatory: It refers to the body’s blood circulation system, where patients’ experiences coronary artery disease, which is obstruction, faced in the heart passageway and high blood pressure. It results in heart attack, stroke and if not untreated and undiagnosed can be life taking.
  • Electrical: Such problems arise from defective electrical system that controls the heartbeat. It results in abnormally slower or much faster, as well as unsteady nod infrequent heart beats. Arrhythmia (serious and irregular heartbeats) develops and become major heart problems, which includes cardiac arrest.
  • Structure: Such disorders do affect the heart’s structure, including valve malfunctioning, cardiac muscle issues and birth defects.

Available cardiac treatment types

These days, there are different types of cardiac treatments present, which are mostly minimal invasive and conventional, aimed towards providing treatment to cause of heart issues. Few commonly used cardiac treatment procedures are as follows:

  • Heart valve replacement surgical procedure: It is a precision cardiac treatment procedure replacing the fault heart valve. It prevents flow back of blood into the heart portion from where it has exited. For treating faulty valve, the surgeon would recommend repairing original valve or have it replaced with artificial valve implants, developed from biological material and artificial substances.

Minimal invasive valve surgery requires creation of small incision of about 1 to 2 mm in the abdomen region. There is inserted a flexible, small tube in the abdomen and then guided through blood vessels to the heart. Advanced imaging techniques are used by the cardiac surgeons to ensure that the catheter is guided properly to malfunctioning heart valve. Inflatable surgical balloon is present in the catheter attached to its far end. As the catheter is guided precisely and positioned over malfunctioning heart, the balloon is inflated and deflated several times. It helps widening of the heart valve and to improve blood flow. This procedure ensures faster recovery and effective treatment.

  • CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) Surgery: This treatment is given to those suffering from circulatory cardiac disorders. It is caused by plaque accumulation within the coronary arteries (blood supplied by blood vessels to the heart). Its objective is to clear obstruction. Healthy artery or vein will be used by the surgeon to replace it with blocked coronary artery. Grafted blood vessel then is connected to bypass obstructed portion of original coronary artery. It also helps to restore blood’s normal circulation in heart.
  • Arrhythmia treatment: In case of abnormal and irregular heartbeats, the person tends to suffer from arrhythmia. The doctor initially would provide medication to improve the patient’s condition. But, if it fails then cardiac surgical treatments will be recommended. Several cardiac surgical procedures do exist to treat arrhythmia like:
    • Maze surgery: Here, artificial path will be created for the heart’s electrical signals to travel better. This is also referred to as ‘Atrial Fibrillation’, used for treating various types of arrhythmia.
    • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator: It is the latest surgical implant device that is much smaller when compared to the pacemaker. It is to be implanted within the skin of the abdomen or the chest. The device is connected by fine electrical wires to the heart chambers. The ICD smart sensor identifies abnormal heart rhythm to activate and restore immediately to its normal level.
    • Pacemaker: This artificial electrical implant is implanted surgically in the skin of the chest or the abdomen. The pacemaker device with its fine wires gets connected to the heart’s four chambers. Low energy electrical impulses are emitted by the device to the heart via connecting wires to ensure normal heart beating.
  • Heart transplant: It is considered to be among the biggest of all cardiac surgeries conducted on the patient and involves the surgeon to remove the malfunctioning heart. It is then replaced with healthy implanted donor heart. It is an extensive surgical procedure and is kept at the last resort to provide treatment to serious cardiac conditions like last stage heart failure.

Consulting the Best Cardiac Surgeons In Hyderabad will help the patient to know the different options available in hand.

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