What Is The Major Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce?

Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce

Talking about a legal separation and divorce, there is a major difference. Almost the end result is the same for both the cases but the severity of the situations are different. Divorce always ends the relationship of a couple and there is no hope of them getting back to their marriage. However, in the case of legal separation, there are chances that the broken marriage might get restored.

The couple can try to fix the issues between them and can give a fresh start to their marriage. Whenever you are going through such a situation, you should consult the Best divorce lawyer in Delhi. This has to be done to get complete details about the consequences of a legal separation and divorce.

There are some benefits which come only under the case of a legal separation and are not allowed to the couple asking for Divorce. There are some disadvantages as well for legal separation. Hence both the pros and cons should be kept in mind before making the major decision of your life.

Given below are some of the major points which differentiate a legal separation from divorce:

  • For the cases of legal separation, the health insurance coverage continues and there is no interruption. While in the case of a divorce, the health insurance coverage of the spouse also ends. They are also forced to pay a higher premium if they want to retain the insurance.
  • Where there is a legal separation, it doesn’t mean the end of marriage legally. The spouse after 10 years of marriage can apply for the social security benefits.
  • A legal separation is considered a better option than divorce whereas Divorce is believed to be an extreme step. Some of the couples avoid Divorce due to religious or personal reasons.
  • A legal separation might end in divorce but there is a chance for the broken marriage to get repaired and the couples might start living together. Divorce advice lawyer should be competent enough to give you proper advice regarding the major step.

No one wants a marriage to end but if the couple wants to get separated, they should consult an experienced lawyer. The couple should first try for a legal separation so that they can sort out things between them. Court also gives each couple a chance to repair their relationship.

Courts also have a separate counseling cell to provide proper guidance and suggestions to the distressed couple to help them get back to the right path.

For proper guidance and support, you can contact us for the best and experienced Divorce Lawyer in Delhi.

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