Major Producer’s Role in Quartz Crystal Market

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The quartz in the crystallized form is most common mineral, like all it’s formed by the most ample element in the earth’s surface that are silicone and oxygen. Till hundreds of years civilizations believed that the gram sized small to a meter long mineral in the form of crystal are basically the frozen ice Quartz unique traits of heat conduction makes it cooler upon touching that was another support to the conception of frozen ice. Despite of what the civilizations have conceptualized studies have shown the quartz crystal have been well used for the purpose of decoration and making ornaments. Even earlier the tools and weapons were another exemplary use for quartz crystal

In the era of late 80s and 90s the abstract consumption and application of quartz lead raising its production and processing. The raw form was used for the ornamental purpose, healing objects and as charm bands, also circles, pyramids and other abstract object have been crafted throughout the years

From the study of the increase in demand it’s showed up more than 40% of quartz buyers are from the United States while at the other hand resulting in price increase for most of crystals forms

It’s a matter of fact that the quartz mineral, carving, ornamental and artistic market is still and its peak. We can draw an evidence of the high demand of the quality quartz crystal by the level of sales it has achieved, and so the price increase.

Recently the quartz gem buyer who has made a deal in Tucson shares; for approx. $120 you can buy a 3412 gram piece. The piece depicts high quality and no flaws that was later sent to US to be shaped in a beautiful sphere charging a cost of $48 and a high end polish to 84 mm and 844 gram sphere. The finished product was sold for $1200. This was one example of quartz mineral and other outcomes and profit margins have not been communicated

Main producer markets of quartz as per regions

The valley of Arkansas

Arkansas is not only leading producer of gemstones and rock crystal quartz for ornamental purpose yet is the sole producer of Lascas that is the basic ingredient for the making of synthetic quartz

These rock crystals are the byproducts of quartz traces in sandstones and shale in the heart of Ouachita Mountains. The belt spreads 240 km in length and 24 km in width, touching the south west making its way to north

These crystals are aesthetically appealing for its shiny surface and clarity as water, in general they have a milky appearance because of presence of other minerals. The larger pieces of crystals are usually shorter yet broader however, smaller crystals it’s not uncommon to a length multiple in 6 of their diameters. Many of these are used in making ornaments and jewelry  

The city belt in California

Mineral deposits in California are yet another huge foundation for potential amounts of  high end rock crystals. From past decades till now the cobbles and round crystals have been explored among creek bed in the regions of Amador and Calaveras  

The highest grade and the largest in huge quantities crystals have been explored across the old streams in the heart of Mokelumne Hill region in Calaveras.

From many years the diverse mines the area have introduced thousands of kg of rock crystal with a number of individual crystals that weighs 275 kgs and measuring 600 mm in lengths and 250 mm in diameters

The heart of New York

The New York region enjoys the same reputation as the Arkansas have in rock crystals. The highly productive region is for Herkimer diamonds

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