How to Make Your Teeth Healthy Till the Age 80 or Above?

How to Make Your Teeth Healthy Till the Age 80 or Above?

Keeping your natural teeth healthy for life or can say till the age of 80 is now possible. These, in addition to hygiene, include a scrupulous selection of food and drink. We eat, in fact, an average of four times a day, without knowing that every meal, however small, exposes the teeth to repeated threats. Deficiencies of magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, vitamins C and E can cause gingivitis and periodontal diseases and induce a decrease in the immune system that can affect not only the well-being of the organism but also that of the mouth

But there are various tips which you need to take into consideration.

Avoid sugar

We all know that white sugar is harmful to our health and also for teeth. However, we need to know the effects well to eliminate it completely from our diet. However, our body requires calcium to digest white sugar, so it will subtract the mineral from foods eaten or where it is present, such as bones and teeth. Sugar also acidifies the body and, in particular, the mouth, a condition that predisposes us to bear from any kind of dental disorder.

Use of Dental floss

Several people do not use dental floss, although this habit is actually essential to take care of their teeth. We have to do this every day to eliminate the food residues that remain between our teeth and thus prevent tartar and infections.

Choose suitable toothpaste

We are recommending avoiding most industrial toothpaste because they contain sulfates that progressively damage the pH and flora of the mouth, making it weak to any infection. In addition, there are many natural kinds of toothpaste are free of these substances and essential oils flavored.

Watch out for mouthwashes

Conventional mouth rinses contain alcohol and other components that are too aggressive for the teeth. Therefore, if we want to fresh up and have a good taste in the mouth, we can try to gargle with essential oil that is diluted in the water.

Also, we recommend combining lemon oils and mint. However, we will have to make sure that they are essential oils suitable for consumption and not synthetic essences harmful to health. You can consult your nearest dental clinic to know which mouthwash is good for you.

Activated carbon to whiten

The best natural remedy to whiten teeth without injury the enamel is the activated charcoal, a black powder which despite its looks, can whiten teeth. This is due to its power to absorb particles and toxins and remove them. Furthermore, we can clean our teeth with activated charcoal one day a week to notice its whitening benefits.

Teeth care: fighting acidity

The gastric acidity of which many people suffer damages the oral health due to the acids coming from the stomach that alter the pH of the saliva. Furthermore, to regulate acidity, we should conduct a very alkaline diet, rich in fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Gargle with oil

The oil-based gargle technique is positive both for to take care of teeth and health. We will only need coconut or sesame oil.

Calcium sources for dental care

In our diet, calcium should not be missed the calcium to strengthen the teeth.

  • Dairy product
  • Cod
  • Sesame
  • Almonds
  • Parsley
  • Broccoli
  • Beans
  • Spinach

In the following section, we have discussed in details about the certain food that helps to healthy teeth. Also, you can visit a dental clinic nearby for better guidance on this point.

Green tea with stevia

Here, we recommend taking an infusion of green tea with stevia every day, in the noon or in the mid-morning. Green tea is particularly good for gums and teeth due to its contribution of catechins, or powerful antioxidants. Furthermore, it is advisable to take it away from meals in order not to make iron assimilation difficult. Stevia, on the other hand, prevents oral ulcers, gingivitis, and cavities.

The diet for healthy teeth

There is a close link between nutrition and dental health. Eating incorrectly can lead to tooth decay and expose you to gingival diseases of varying severity, which can lead to tooth loss. In fact, the mouth is similar to a delicate ecosystem which, in order to maintain its perfect balance, needs careful and continuous care. It is recommended to visit your nearby dental clinic on a regular basis.

Take your dentist appointment now and take care of your teeth!

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