What Do You Mean By Religious Clothing’s? Some Of The Different Types Of Religious Clothing.

What is the meaning of religious clothing? Religious clothing is the clothing items that are the clothing items that are worn by people to give respect to their culture. There are so many different types of clothing that are worn by people in different types of religions. Some of the religious clothing that is worn by people are mentioned below as follows:


  • Hijabs are the religious clothing of Muslim women’s. This is a square or rectangular piece of cloth that women’s wear to give and show respect towards their culture.
  • These are the piece of clothes that are worn by Muslim women during prayer times in the mosque whereas the men’s wear caps during prayer times.
  • These are the piece of that women’s wear in presence of any male member near them. These are the type of clothes that give women their own privacy. People can buy casual hijabs from markets as well as from Modest Forever.


  • Thobe is a long maxi type dress that is worn by the men’s of Muslim countries or Muslim religion. This is a type of dress that is usually white in color and this dress touches the feet of the person wearing it.
  • Thobe has mainly worn with a tailor fitted shirt. This is a religious dress of Muslims that is usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai.


  • Dhoti is a long piece of cloth that the men’s of Hindu religion use. This type of cloth is used by the men’s during the Puja/worship time in the temples.
  • Dhoti is usually white and yellow in color. Dhoti is tied by the men around their waist and is worn with a pair of shirt or kurtas. Dhoti is the common dress of people living in the parts of Southern India.

Shalwar Kameez:

  • This is the most common dress of each and every religion but this dress originated from the Sikh culture and this is known as the religious dress of Sikh or Punjabi people.
  • Shalwar Kameez is a dress that is worn by women to cover themselves properly. Shalwar and Kameez are available in different types of stuff such as in cotton, wool, silk etc.


  • This is the religious dress of Christians. Mostly the women of Christian culture wear this dress. This is the most common dress that is worn by Christian women during parties or wedding ceremonies.
  • Nowadays, this dress is worn by almost all the women’s.

Ghutra and Egal:

  • This is a head covering of Muslim men’s. Ghutra is a white and red patterned cloth that is tied on the head of men.
  • Egal is used to set the Ghutra. Therefore, Egal is a golden colored rope and it is not important to set Ghutra with a rope. This head covering is usually used by the men’s of Dubai. People can easily buy Casual hijab dresses for sale and other Muslim clothing items online.

These above-mentioned are the different types of religious clothing items that people wear to show their religion and culture.

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