Is Too Much Usage Of Gadgets Bringing Despair And Depression In Our Lives?


People today have become accustomed to the implementation of technology and technological means in their lives. Whether it’s ordering food online, keeping track of the candy clearance sale or booking tickets for a holiday, things have become easier with the advancements in technology which has benefited the common people a lot in the past decade.

Though the advantages of implementing the technological aspects in our lives are immense and we cannot really complain about that, somewhere down there it may be the reason behind people being lonely today!

Be it our smartphones, laptop, iPad or any other gadget, we are more inclined towards using it all day every day rather than spending time with the ones who are physically present with us! And that raises the question of whether the excessive usage of gadgets is bringing despair and depression into our lives!

How extremely are we exposed to the functioning of these gadgets in regulating our lives?

If we see generally, we can say 99% of the people today are heavily exposed to the usage of gadgets in doing something or the other! Some might take interest in playing games on their gadgets while some might be glued to the social media platforms all day, there is no boundary as to what way each of us is using these gadgets to actually make us ‘trapped’ individuals roaming freely! And with the availability of cheaper devices with a low-cost internet facility, the extremity has raised bar massively!

How can we stay away from the ‘gadget addiction’?

Well, it seems a tougher task today to stay completely away from this ‘gadget addiction’ but definitely there are remedies for lowering the same! Like you can attempt for a ‘no gadgets day’ once or twice a week or indulge in more real activities like reading a book, playing outdoor games with friends, going for a party outside, etc. When you find entertainment and engagement outside the world of your gadgets you will surely be more addicted to the external world than what you do with your gadgets!

To conclude

When we get our hands on some technological innovation, we try to embrace it with our open arms. The day to day digital evolution has brought us many pros than cons and our lives have become easier and simpler with these advanced techniques. But the impact of these innovations has been so huge in all our lives that it has turned out to be despairing at some point in time.

Today we can see a mammoth section of the society is heavily engrossed to their gadgets mainly smartphones and this has groped people of every age! While so much into the virtual world, people have forgotten the real world and the things surrounding it!

Friendships have become limited to social media tags and chats while family gatherings have become more of using the mobiles and less of meeting and greeting each other. It is a saddening fact how we are exploiting the presence of gadgets in our lives and thus, we should think about it with a much serious concern!

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