All You Need to Know About Salesforce CPQ Integration

Salesforce CPQ Integration

A CPQ software, or Configure, Price, Quote, is a sales tool for business to produce quotations for orders quickly and accurately. CPQ applications frequently work in conjunction with the CRM and ERP programs. The quotes formed with the CPQ software are automating according to a set of preprogrammed rules, which guarantees a price without errors that take into account the quantities, price cut, customizations and non-compulsory features of the products.

Even though the Configure, Price, Quote software has been accessible for decades, CPQ is seeing itself as the latest wave in sales optimization tools. With its functionality and high prospective for return on investment, CPQ is also on the horizon for various smaller companies. The adoption of CPQ will carry on to grow as companies see the real benefits of using it along with their CRM and ERP systems.

Salesforce CPQ and integration of systems:-  The cpq salesforce integration is very stretchy and straightforward to use for salespeople and is a solution that people often find in their data integration projects. However, various companies have doubts regarding how they should construct their product information and pricing information procedure flow between and their ERP system.

Several critical strategies can be following and which can found below:-  

However, keep in mind that if a person needs to handle the process in a unique way, it is still possible.

1. The product master data is formed and maintained more regularly in the ERP system because there is extra data in the ERP system required to make the right postings.

2. The price of the product is also usually maintained in the ERP system with the reduction structure in articles or clients or both.

3. The products are mechanical coordinate between the ERP and the CRM system and if the CRM system is, for example. Incorporate data automatically convert Salesforce and then discount groups in the ERP into price books in Salesforce (CRM).

4. This first product and price information is the foundation of the logic that a company has configured in Salesforce CPQ. Therefore, in Salesforce, peoples are guided via the selection of the right products that fit each other, can optimize a company’s retail price to construct the discount rules and Prices Company want to apply.

The quote and prices of Salesforce CPQ can be transformed and relocate to become an order in the ERP system with the viable costs and the products configured/elected in Salesforce CPQ.

Salesforce CPQ can incorporate with Microsoft Dynamics (AX, NAV, GP, 365, Business Central). With a data integration platform without programming just as RapidiOnline, this complete procedure of data synchronization can be configured and automated with the most excellent practices of template integration as a starting point. Fast, flexible and safe.

The salesforce cpq quote to cash as the whole set of the business procedure involved in the sale, from the creation of new offers for prospects to the gathering of money. Quote-to-Cash starts with Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ): set the offer, develop a suitable price and generate the quote. It continues via negotiations, billing, payments and even renewals and renegotiations.

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