Netgear Arlo Pro Cameras For True Flexibility Best Home Security System

Netgear Arlo Pro Cameras

Netgear Arlo pro range of network-connected home security cameras. the continues to improve, removing any real its perceived criticism of devices with upgrades or enhancements. Do you want to place yourself in an area where there is no network cable Bam WIFI connection. Need to place in an area where there is no power outlet. Battery powered Rechargeable batteries and fast charging battery adapter.

It is latest version of this security system is the Arlo Pro. This is the most flexible camera system I have encountered so far. After a few weeks of testing, I determined that anyone with a problem with this system  is nothing more than a cynical old crank.

The Arlo Pro system I tested (420 USD, Amazon) comes with two cameras, two batteries, two magnets and mounting screws, a USB cable and an AC adapter (to chargeo pro base station connects the camera’s batteries), a station basic, an Ethernet cable and a power cable for the base. station.

In addition, a sticker that you can hang on your window to deter potential intruders. I’m amused that Netgear has added the sticker – as if to fight customer complaints / critics – “Yes, but you do not have a sticker!”

Arlo pro base station connects

The powered base station connects via an Ethernet cable to your home router (we hope that a free Ethernet LAN port is available). After downloading (or updating) your Arlo application (iOS, Android and Amazon support), you can then add the new cameras to the system by synchronizing them with the base station.

It does not depend on your existing network, but rather uses a wireless connection between the camera and the base station (which provides network connectivity via Ethernet). This is a big difference from other wirefree security cameras, which use an existing Wi-Fi network connection.

Once the cameras are synchronized, you can place them where you want, inside or outside, mounted or not. The tiny cameras are very mobile If you want them to be unobtrusive, it’s easy to install them on a shelf or in another place where they will match those of the other set.

In my case, I placed a camera in the basement (to see if I could catch a cat causing damage) and another in our tanning room to see the entrance to the rear deck.

Motion detection

Once activated, If you can view the live stream on the Arlo app for each device and, when motion is detected, the cameras record (for 10 seconds, see below). Motion also triggers an alert on the mobile device on which the application is enabled, if notifications are enabled, or on an email address. The video is saved in the cloud for seven days (for free, longer periods require a subscription).

If you have an external USB storage drive, you can connect it to the base station and save your recordings locally. You can also download videos from the cloud in this free seven-day period. Downloaded videos are saved in 640×352 resolution, less than 1080p, but still sufficient if you need it. Live viewing allows you to interact with the camera via the two-way microphone, allowing you to scream at an intruder (or, more easily, activate the alarm on the base unit) or a dog jumping on a couch .

Video quality

The image quality when viewed through a web browser or the mobile app was exceptional. No more dimly lit black-and-white images that evoke a closed-circuit security system. The color images are crisp and the sound quality is good if you also want to hear what’s happening (at least in live view). In addition to color video, if the room is dark and night vision is turned on, you get the video in black-and-white night vision mode (in which a cat’s eyes look scary).

If you want to save longer, you can adjust it in camera settings. on the application or web interface hard to find at the moment. but Netgear says a change to the UI will make it easier to the research. You can record up to 2 minutes per motion event for Arlo camera. Netgear has announced that its Motion Stop feature, in which users can choose video recording. the until the end of movement (with up to 300 seconds), will soon be coming to Arlo Pro (currently available on Arlo Q cameras).


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