Popular Travel Trends For 2019

Popular Travel Trends For 2019

Traveling is something which lightens up our lives by making it more colourful, more exciting, giving a chance to be more social and happier. Though traveling remains a common desire among people what changes with time and with changing interests are the travel trends which ultimately lead to more interesting vacations.

If you are also a wanderlust soul, a person for whom traveling is the fuel for running the engine of life, then you may very well want to know that with the New Year stepping in what changes did it brought in the travel trends for 2019.

Cutting down your work of searching these travel trends we have summarised the top travel trends 2019 for you. So, have a look here before planning a new travel vacation!

1. Maximize the mini trips and minimise the maxi trips!

One problem that people face while planning big and extended trips is the stress of taking care of every detail. Why stress when you can just rest? This New Year let go of these long, stressful vacation planning rather invest yourselves more in short, fun and more frequent getaways.

Micro trips mean less stress while planning, less budget and hence more frequent breaks. Another trend that would remain in highlight in these micro trips is unique and different kind of accommodations, so book your accommodations keeping this in mind.

With an improvement in flight prices and routes, on-demand transportation services and easy availability of accommodation, 2019 will be the year of bite sized travel trips- squeezing more fun in less time interval!

2. What’s the Insta-ability of your travel destination?

Despite our like or dislike, over time social media has impacted our lives greatly. As a result, the locations which are popular on social media handles like Instagram for their numerous famous locations or for their amazing art-driven experiences or for being more click worthy or for their calming and soothing ability, are being preferred by the travellers.

Hence, in the present travel scenario if you want to appear trendy, then first check the “Insta-ability” of your travel destination before booking it.

3. Easy, virtual and digital

These are the keywords for the present travel scene. With tremendous improvement in the technology, artificial intelligence some of the features like virtual reality and speech recognition have turned into very easy features which have brought out a new era in the tourism business by inventing innovations like keyless phone room access, personalised virtual travel tips, easy communication with people in their mother tongue and others.

Today, people prefer having one app to do all the travel concerned planning for them rather than self- driven planning as it is not only very simple but is possible by just doing a few clicks sitting anywhere.

Having a virtual travel agent who not only takes care of all the stress of planning a trip but also familiarises the travellers with their destination beforehand is any day a blessing.

So, be on a lookout for such companies as who won’t want someone else to work hard to make their travel vacation extra special and at the end deliver their picture-perfect vacation that too at a single click?

4. Happiness over materialistic needs

The year 2019 will carry forward the previous year trend of travel with experience to new heights. Travelling undoubtedly teaches many invaluable life skills, gives many valuable experiences and overall enriches our knowledge and awareness about several things in general.

The people of today have realised this thing that travelling is not only about where to sleep, where to eat, where to shop and where to party, travelling is more about creating a bunch of happy memories that not only provide you comfort but also makes you an overall wise person.

2019 will be the year of purpose trips which will be more about volunteering, re-living, skill learning and thrill seeking. This year indulge in cultural exchange programs or be on a lookout for such travel destinations which bring out the child in you and allow yourself to indulge in childhood fantasies like ball pits and bouncy castles. During the 2019 travel trips choose happiness, comfort, thrill, adventure and the need to rejuvenate over the materialistic concerns!

5. Wellness and b-leisure trips

The two things that the today’s generation is very much concerned about are fitness as well as their business or work. Adding these two things in your vacation will not only make it trendier but will also make it more irresistible for many.

This year chose those resorts; hotels or accommodations that offer wellness services like holistic spas and a fitness centre as it will not only leave you healthier and more rejuvenated but will also improve your lifestyle by the end of the vacation.

Another trend that this year is assumed to take over is that of “b-leisure” trips, which refer to trips that combine business with leisure and will prove to be most beneficial for all the workaholics out there who on these trips can combine leisure with some office or business work!

With all these amazing tips and trends, 2019 surely looks like an exciting and a fun-filled year for all those wanderlust souls!

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