Preparing for an online exam

Preparing for an online exam

Nowadays, most of the entrance examinations are abandoning the pen and paper route and introducing the online mode of examinations. India is gradually transcending through the digital world, so some of the biggest entrance examinations like GMAT, GRE, SAT and even government job exams are being conducted online.

Online mode of exams not only reduces the time and effort but also ensures security of data and most importantly it is environment friendly due to the limited use of paper. Still many are out there who are not very confident with computer based exam.

Here are some tips to boost your confidence during an online exam:

  • Exam updates and requirements: When it comes to examinations, every major exam or university has a website where you can get all the required updates of a particular exam. Even the institutes from where you are taking your GMAT vs GRE preparations you all the necessary information. So candidates visit the sites regularly to keep themselves informed about the exam date, admit card, documents needed, exam pattern etc.
  • Getting familiar: There is nothing to fear if you are sitting for an online exam for the first time. Read all the information regarding the exams in the websites and understand carefully how it will be conducted. Practicing test papers that are available online will help you through it. The more you practice, the more confident you will become about the online exam.
  • Answering questions: It is very important to develop a proper strategy to answer the questions as you prepare for the exam. Plan on which part you are most confident and answer them first and then go ahead with the tougher ones. It is better to plan in the right way through practice tests than making unnecessary mistakes on the exam day.
  • Follow the instructions: On the day of exam, you will be given time to fill in details and read the instructions. Don’t be in a hurry to start the exam. The instructions provided will help you throughout the exam and tell you what you can and cannot do. Do not hesitate to ask the invigilator if you have any doubts regarding the instructions.For exams like GRE, SAT and GMAT vs GRE coaching centers often help you with this.
  • Reaching the center: If you have the time, try to travel to the examination centre on days before the exam. So that you don’t get lost on the actual day. Having the route ready, make sure to reach the centre on time. This will reduce the unnecessary panic of reaching late.
  • Save every answer:Considering the technical issues, it is important for candidates to save each answer after answering them so that it does not get lost if a technical issue arrives. Most online exams save every answers automatically.

Be prepared:Online exams, being a convenient form tests your knowledge about the subject and the only way to dobest is to practice well in advance and gain confidence on the day of exam.

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