Privacy Policy

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Information Our Website Collects:

The following table shows the information our website use when you visit us..

Type of InformationWhat you collectWho collects itShared withWho uses itStored by
Contact Information
  • Name
  • Website or IT support
  • None
  • Website or IT support
  • Electronic File is concerned about the privacy of its visitors. We value the information you supply to us and want to be transparent about how we utilize it. You must agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy statement; as it may be changing from time to time to use the services.

The privacy policy of our users is fundamental to them and us; thus, we pledge not to allow any third party to utilize the Information we receive from them. We utilize Google Analytics, a Google-approved tool for collecting statistics on how visitors interact with our website; which helps us improve.

We strictly enforce our policy of never selling or renting any user’s Personal Information. However, if we are obliged to divulge your Information by law, search warrant, court order, or fraud investigation; and we want to cooperate and understand the situation’s sensitivity, we may do so.

Our privacy policy is a viewer website and may be accessible by anybody in your family. Hence, we confine ourselves by not inserting any indecent or objectionable content. Since our intended audience lies in practically every age range, we do not require such a strategy for now.

We maintain any private details you send to Company on a private server with limited access. The Company employs reasonable administrative, technical, personnel, and physical means (a) to protect personal Details from loss, theft, inappropriate use or access, disclosure, or modification; and (b) to preserve the integrity of the personal information.

We restrict access to personal data for those that have a legitimate functional need to do so. We also require that any receiver of such data undertake to handle such Results based on our instructions and in line with this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

Mechanisms to counter breach

We also have mechanisms in place to respond to any alleged data security violation. We shall inform you and any relevant authority of a potential data security breach if legally required to do so.

However, as efficient as our security procedures are, no safety system is impenetrable.

We cannot promise the confidentiality of our database, nor can we promise that the Information you submit will not be intercepted while being communicated to us over the Web; any communication is at your own risk.

 And, of course, any information you put in a message to the definitions available is available to anybody with Internet access.

Links to and from our partner networks’, advertisers’, and affiliates’ websites may appear on the website from time to time.

Please be aware that if you click on a link to one of these websites, you will be subject to their privacy policies and terms of service, for which we accept no responsibility or obligation. Before you provide any personal details to any websites, please review these policies.

Further Details

Remember that copies of certain Data from your account may be visible even after you cancel your account in some circumstances, such as sharing the Information with social media or other services. Such Information is outside the Company’s control.

Furthermore, if you have cause to believe that your relationship with us is no longer safe (for example, if the security of your account has been hacked), please notify us immediately.

When you use the Products or the Webpage, we make a good effort to give you accessibility to your Information as and when you request it. Furthermore, if your Information changes, you can update it by visiting the appropriate page of the website or contacting us.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about using the information we collect about you.

We will make every effort to update your data within 14 working days of receiving new or updated Information. So that the information we have on you is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.