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QuickBooks Error code C=1304 File Repair & Data Recovery

QuickBooks Error code C=1304

QuickBooks is a software used for accounting that provides a seamless way to collate and track the financing data of your company. However, like any other software it too faces some glitches and one of them is the Error Code C=1304 File Repair & Data Recovery. In this article, the discussion will be on the reasons for the error QuickBooks error code C=1304 file repair and data recovery and how to troubleshoot it.

You will know that How the problem of Error Code C= 1304 File Repair & Data Recovery in the QuickBooks when the message ‘error writing to file (filename). Confirm that you have access to that directory. This problem generally happens while installing or updating the software. But do not be unnerved by it and before calling for help use these following methods to rectify it.

Reason for Error Code C=1304 File Repair & Data Recovery

Any follow error code C = 1304 may be the cause of file repairs and data retrieval, so check them out.
Issues with the CD drive.
The CD is scratched.
The net component is spoiled.
Whether you have access to the directory that allows the file to be written.

3 Ways to Resolve the Issue of QuickBooks Error Code C=1304 File Repair & Data Recovery.

Method 1: Use your hard drive to store the copied installation files from the CD

After you insert your installation CD of the QuickBooks to the CD drive click on Quit if the installation starts. Instead, choose the Explore on the Windows Start icon. Create a folder on your hard drive where the installation files can be copied. Next, go to the QuickBooks CD and select Explore. Search for select setup.exe.file in the QuickBooks and the Third party folder.

Select and highlight the folders and Click on Copy. Find the folder that you intended for storing the installation files of QuickBooks, select Paste on that folder. Once the copying is finished, open out the CD. Next, open the folder and click on setup.exe.file to install the QuickBooks software. Prompts will appear on screen following those you can finish the installation.

Method 2: Use Reimage Repair Tool to Scan Your Computer.

Reimage Repair Tool is free of cost that can be downloaded and used for finding and repairing system issues linked to QuickBooks.
Create a folder on your computer where you intend to download the Reimage Repair Tool. Download the program from the Internet; follow the instructions to install the program. After the installation is complete, the program will automatically download the updates it requires.

The program will then start to scan your computer. Once that is complete it starts the components of your computer that are damaged and needs to be repaired. Select to click the ‘Start Repair’ icon. This should fix the problem and restart your computer before installing QuickBooks.

Method 3: Restoring Your Computer Manually

Try to ‘Restore’ your computer to its earlier mode. Click ‘Next’ when the message ‘Restore my computer to an earlier nature’ appears. Click on ‘Modernize Reduction’ and follow the steps to complete the action as to reorganize. For completing the restoration process you should restart the computer.

Technical Help from QuickBooks Experts:

After all these steps, if you still face the problem of error code C = 1304 file and contact the Data Recovery QuickBooks Technical Support team and resolve all your errors. The QuickBooks Premier SupportExperts are well knowledgeable with their technical skills. You just need to dial the Quickbooks Technical Support team and get in touch with them.

After coming across your error they would be able to solve all your queries. Even you don’t need to look at the clock while facing error to speak with them.

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