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Reasons why you are losing followers on Instagram

Instagram fans are complaining from a while about losing followers gradually. This could be due to various reasons. There was a time when losing Instagram followers was very unusual activity and life was going on a smooth road with an abundance of traffic. The growth was simply based on the idea of the relevance of the followers to your account.

But then time, as it always and continuously doing, changed.

Nowadays, I received tens of messages from people complaining about their loss of followers on Instagram without any notice and whatsoever. This takes me to ponder on the situation. Here are some of the possible reasons why you are losing Instagram followers.

Before going further I want you to accept the fact that it is totally normal to lose Instagram followers, nowadays. It is completely normal and it happened to everyone on the media. If you are losing Instagram follower it doesn’t stand for any wrongdoing of yours.

Two ways to increase your followers and build your brands through Instagram are very simple and easy but both of them include certain limitations. One way to grow your followers is to adopt a unique pattern to share your own content on your Instagram page on regular intervals. The other way is to contact any of the reputable service providers in the market and buy Instagram followers.

Both the method comes with their limitations and it is very necessary to use these methods in an efficient manner. We advise you to post on regular intervals so that your audience would have the timing to offer more engagement and put their demands in front of you. And the second thing, very important and crucial part of growing followers, is to buy Instagram followers. Always buy real and active Instagram followers.

Some of the reasons why you are losing your followers on Instagram

Your Content doesn’t resonate with your audience

This is what happened with most of the Instagram users. They post on regular intervals and the content they post is also unique but still, they see a loss of followers. It is just because of the reason that their audience doesn’t resonate with their page preferences. All is need to be done here, is to target the particular audience.

Bots and Fake Follower

Buy Instagram followers includes great research work before placing the order. It is important to the fact that if you are not getting the real and active followers, it means you are having bots and fake followers. These bots and fake followers are generated through software and are likely to be vanished by Instagram due to its strict using policy. So, please get real Instagram followers only.

Follow / Unfollow Method

This the method used by most of the people but in a very spammy way. People follow a bunch of accounts in order to make them follow back and if they don’t people simply unfollow them. It could one of the various reasons why one might lose followers on Instagram.

Posting Schedule Problem

Posting unique content is the perfect way to outstand the crowd but posting in an irregular manner and timing can cause the opposite. Posting 1-3 post a day is highly recommended by many researchers who have worked for years on Social media strategies.



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