The Responsibilities Bestowed Upon You as a Traveller

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Are you aware that as a train passenger there are some additional responsibilities you need to bear? A general feeling is that authorities should bear the brunt, but it is not that way as passengers need to be well informed. As a passenger, you need to be aware of what is happening around you.

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  • For a passenger who does not have any reservation, they need to travel by an unreserved class or to book a spot try last minute arrangements. In addition, they need to have a station ticket otherwise the TC can find you.
  • Passengers are expected to arrive at the railway station a few minutes before the train arrives
  • At crowded stations, people who travel with kids have to be careful. The crowd could separate you from the picture and a lot of problems can come into the picture.
  • For a passenger who carries a lot of luggage, the bags should be kept safe and locked. If you are planning to travel it is suggested that you travel with a single bag as loading and unloading becomes a lot easy. At the same time, you need not be taking care of a lot of small bags.
  • Before 2 days of your specified date of travel, you can purchase unreserved tickets. The reason being a last-minute rush at the counters can be avoided. If you change your timing you can cancel your old ticket and purchase a new one. At most of the reservation counters in the country, the tickets are cancelled at the very minute.
  • Even unreserved tickets can be purchased on a station to station basis.
  • In case if you have booked the tickets check out your PNR status. Not only on the official website of Indian railways can you check your PNR status on private websites. They can help you avail of online food delivery in train. Just you need to enter the 10 digits numeric code.
  • For kids who are under the age of 5 years, they need to have a half ticket if they are traveling by an unreserved class. For anyone who is above the age of 12 years, they need to have a full ticket.
  • Before logging off from the website and even the ticket counter check your ticket.
  • A host of illegal measures are there to get your tickets reserved at the counter. It is always better to book from the official website of Indian railways or at the railway counter. Do not fall prey to any agents.
  • As per railway rules, there are specific luggage protocols for a passenger and even a child. If I exceed the above parameters you need to get your luggage booked.
  • If a train fails to take off you need to go ahead and cancel your ticket. This does not mean that you can travel on another train with the same ticket. You will fall in trouble and have to pay a fine.

The above rules and regulations will ensure you have a safe journey.

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