How to Save Yourself from No Refund Policy by The Airlines

A common problem faced by frequent flyers is to go through the tedious process of rescheduling and cancelling flights. Not only the process is tedious, but it also costs you a huge amount of money and sometime the airline don’t even refund minimum amount of the ticket price in case you cancel the flight. We are well aware of the fact that flight journey is one of the most expensive modes of conveyance and so people book flight tickets only when they are very sure about the date and time of their journey. When we buy a flight ticket, we actually buy the journey, airport and airline maintenance cost, fuel, services they are going to provide, luggage fee and to induce the flame more, taxes are always there to make us run for the money. So, when we cancel our flight, we have to pay a hefty amount of money, which is equivalent to the real cost of flight tickets.

So what are you supposed to do? Regardless of the aforementioned reasons, you have to be smart enough to modify your trip, so later in some exceptional cases, you had to cancel your flight you don’t have to pay more for it.

Look for refund policy

We often ignore the refund policy and other terms and conditions of an airline, while purchasing a flight ticket. Many airlines have full refund policy in case of cancellation and so the ticket come at a high price in compare to a flight that serves no refund policy. So it is recommended that if you are unsure about your trip, book a flight from an airline that provides full refund and asks for no extra charge.

Book in advance

Advance booking is undoubtedly fair as it not only saves you some extra bucks but also gives you enough time to decide whether you can make it to the journey or not. Whenever you become sure that somehow you have to cancel your flight, you can instantly cancel it and it will either ask for a little amount or refund you the whole cost of price without charging anything.

Travel insurance

Insurance has always been overlooked by major population despite the financial security it provides. Having travel insurance acts as a safeguard for the traveler. It covers almost every travel related subjects and even when you have to cancel a flight, it ensures you to get full refund too.

Keep in mind that many airlines with premium priced-tickets do offer a full refund policy. Since, flight journey is extravagant and costs you a lot of money, so it is better to look for budget air tickets online.

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