8 Most Shocking Tribe Sex Practices Around the World

Shocking Tribe Sex Practices Around the World

If you think your partner is the freaky one who gets all weird in bed, then think again. There are practices regarding the matter of sex that would make you cringe, even scared. While such practices have become very common in the tribe sex culture, nonetheless, it doesn’t mark high on the list of “logic”. Although the concept of “freaky” in bed has been subdued.

It seems that in some places these practices have not ceased to exist. In many places around the world, there still exist some pretty crazy sex practices that will make you say “shit got really crazy, huh?”.

So, What Are Some of These Practices That We Are Talking About? Scroll Down to Know About These Freaky Practices….

1. The Boy and The Girl in The Sambian Drive Drink Semen

The Boy and The Girl in The Sambian Drive Drink Semen

Well, if you think this is what porn promotes to some extent, then you may not find it hard to believe. But isn’t porn based on unrealistic expectations as well? Doesn’t porn promote a fantasy that is, well, just weird? This is what the Sambian tribe is doing as well. It is downright freaky and crazy.

The sambian tribe sex includes a practice where the man has to separate from the woman at the age of 7 for almost ten years. It is at this time, they undergo piercing. Moreover, during this period, they have to drink the semen of the tribe’s mightiest chief. Yes, we are not lying you know.

2. The Girls of The Trobriander Has to Have Sex From Age 6

The Girls of The Trobriander Has to Have Sex From Age 6

Let’s focus on the word “made to” instead of “has to” and let that sink in. Yes, the six-year-old girls Trobriander tribe have to indulge in sexual acts with men. It is one of the African tribe sex rituals that prompts underage children to indulge in sex.

While the age of the girl is down to 6, the age for the boys is somewhat higher. They start having sex as early as 10 or 12 years. Talk about an illegal code of conduct. While it is unacceptable in the modern world, to the realm that predates at least centuries before it is normal.

3. In Mangaia, The Adult Women Have Sex with Comparatively Younger Boys

In Mangaia, The Adult Women Have Sex with Comparatively Younger Boys

No, we are not talking about younger men, we are talking about younger “BOYS”. Yes, they are not adults, they are underaged boys. 13 years old boys have to have sex with older women. You must be thinking why it is done, right? The answer is ” to create awareness about the intricacies of sex”. Moreover, the act is done to promote knowledge about how to please their partners the best.

4. The Women in Austria Feed Armpit Flavoured Armpit

The Women in Austria Feed Armpit Flavoured Armpit

Again, it might seem far-fetched but one of the tribe sex rituals in Austria requires the women to feed the men armpit-flavoured apples to their suitors. Are you feeling lucky that your partner is just making you eat overcooked pasta?

If you aren’t, then you should be. Moreover, the ritual requires the women to dance with Apple slices stuffed in their armpits. After the dance has completed, each woman has to offer the slice to the man she prefers.

If he eats it, we all know what it means. While it may seem a bit odd, isn’t it love? (Yeah, even love cannot justify such odd sexual practices, but what can you do?)

5. They Built the Sex but To Find The “One”

They Built the Sex but To Find The One

It is one of the practices that include the concept of pre-marital sex. Although the notion of premarital sex has become very common in many countries, what makes this very creepy is that tribe builds hut to have sex.

The Kreung Tribe builds a love hut where teenage girls can have sex with a different man until she finds “the one”. Now, are you creeped out by it? Normally, the elders build a hut for their teenage daughters. Different boys spend the night one day after another until she finds the right partner.

6. In Greece, It is Men Who Take Men as Lovers

In Greece, It Is Men Who Take Men as Lovers

Well, sexuality is fluid and Greece has provided this point. If you think about it, Greece is far more ahead in the game of sex. Here the concept of ‘boy love’ is very active.

The ancient greek tribe sex played with who would be the active penetrator, who would be the penetrate. As the one who would be penetrated will take up the role of a feminine. While the other would be associated with the masculine.

7. In Some Nepali Tribes, Many Brother Share only One Woman

In Some Nepali Tribes, Many Brother Share Only One Woman

Are you thinking about Mahabharata? Well, it can be said that ancient text has influenced certain concepts, but monogamy here isn’t a thing. Some Nepali tribes indulge in polyamorous sexual relationships.

Moreover, the brothers get to share one woman. However, it has a political reason behind its formulation. They share the same woman so that the children for the farmland will be limited.

8. Stealing the Wives is A Thing in Wodaabe Tribe

Another African tribe sex ritual requires the participant to steal wives. You did not read the wrong thing. It is true. In the Wodaabe tribe of Niger in West Africa, the elders marry off their children in infancy. However, the ritual of the Gerewol Festival takes place every year. It is at this time the Wodaabe men can steal other’s wives.

Moreover, the Wodaabe men get up excessively, applying heavy makeup and costumes. Then they try to steal someone else’s wife. If they manage to pull off the deed undetected, the community will recognize their union.

Ending note

There are many other types of sex practices that will shock you to the core. Although we deem these practices to be very outdated and outrageous. To them, tribe sex practices are a part of their culture.

Through practice and anticipation, their culture gets to live. Moreover, as they are cut off from the mainstream thought process, it has become rather hard to understand the ethical code of conduct.

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