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Significance of UX in digital marketing

Significance of UX in digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about creating a series of touch points which represent your audience and resonate with them. These touch points can be in any form i.e. blogs, PR, social media content, events etc. There are also options for organic and paid marketing strategies for achieving desired results but many of them sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. But the goal for devising all these digital marketing strategies is to increase brand awareness in audience and drive conversions.

But there is one important factor which is usually overlooked by many during planning of digital marketing strategy and that is called UX (User Experience). A good part of your marketing campaign often rely on the fact how people interact with your brand. The very moment when a user notices your brand to the point when he starts making purchases, you as businessman should focus on creating a user experience which is unique in its nature.


Well, the most important asset which you use for digital marketing is your business website. Your content should be exciting and appealing which prompts customers to take immediate actions. This is why when a user lands on your website, he must have a frictionless and intuitive user experience so that they can be engaged for longer time.

Well now the question is what exactly is the user experience?

As the website is the face of your brand so you should decide on key elements while creating the website. Decisions like which colors to use, what typography, subscribe buttons, landing pages etc. matters a lot for overall design as these are the things which will guide users to take next step on your website. So, user experience is firstly about user interface.

Another important factor in user experience is the Speed. People hate it when web pages take longer to load than expected. To create a unique user experience, you must have a high speed website which loads all pages with in 2 to 3 seconds because if it takes more than five seconds, users won’t return according to stats.

Mobile friendly website has become need of the hour as almost 95% of the internet users are using smart phones and most of the websites they use are not mobile friendly which gives a bad user experience. This is why, your content and paid advertising must be optimized according to mobile screens of the users so that they can read and engage on your website with ease. Moreover, SEO ranking is also greatly affected by UX. If your bounce rate is low and users come to your site and spend interactive time in making purchases, then Google ranks it in top searches which help increase revenues for your business.

Well, by now as you know that user experience is extremely important for success of your business but it is sometimes difficult for small businesses to focus on creating user experience with top notch features; this is the time when you need a digital agency in Dubai like Digital Express. This digital agency in UAE can help you to increase UI, speed of website or creating responsive or mobile friendly websites for greater user experience.


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