How This Simple Life Hack Can Fix All Your Basic Problems?
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How This Simple Life Hack Can Fix All Your Basic Problems?

Just like every year, this year as well several students around the globe would have made new year’s resolution – that they would have sworn to stick by. Most of these must be along the lines of getting your life more organized; like going to the gym three times a week, not procrastinating on your next best assignment writers or keeping up a more fulfilling and balanced social life. But all of this seems to be rather difficult to achieve – given the fact that it demands massive amount of time motivation and focus.

What if we suggested a simple life hack that could essentially solve all your problems? sounds too good to be true, right? But there is a massive amount of science and research that backs this notion. In fact, many successful people have implemented this one hack to perform in a hyper effective manner. All you have to do is set your circadian rhythm! That’s it.

What Exactly is the Circadian Rhythm?

You may have already come across the term in your lower grade, science classes but may have casually chosen to ignore its significance. The circadian rhythm or the biological clock of your body has a lot to do with light perception – in order to help regulate your heart and brain activity, your mood as well as the hormone levels in your body. In the purest sense, your circadian rhythm regulates how you must function at different times of the day according to the surges and dips in the two main hormones – serotonin, melatonin, thyroid stimulating hormone, etc. All of these are essential in regulating your sleep-waking cycles, your metabolic highs and lows as well as your general aptitude.

That’s why if you are struggling with your productivity and moods – chances are that your circadian rhythm must not be aligned with the environment. It is advised that in those cases you fix it, but sticking to a carefully planned routine; that means you need to get up early and eat on specific times. Here is how you can fix your circadian rhythm to eventually fix your habits and life!

  • Wake Up at a Specific Time of the Day

Having a fixed hour to get up on helps your body regulate the hormones – especially serotonin, that gives you the desired alertness and freshness that one expects after a good night’s sleep. Even if you are sleeping late, try to get up at the same time daily – it helps you exercise good control on your day. You can always take power naps when you’re too tired.

  • Expose Yourself to Natural Light in the Morning

Circadian rhythm correction has a lot to do with light perception – hence after getting up early, you must open all the curtains and allow the light to enter for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. This not only gives your body the sense of the morning, but also helps with Vitamin D production – which subsequently contributes to healthy hormonal production.

  • Take a High Protein Breakfast and take Dinner Three Hours Before Sleeping

Having a high protein breakfast as soon as you get up helps counter your anxiety and stress. After a whole night without breakfast, you are bound to have low blood sugar levels, thus a high protein breakfast not only evades the steep peaks and lows in hormones and metabolism from a carbohydrate rich meal – but it also helps you by providing high calorie and sustained energy to get you going through the day.

Contrary to this, before going to bed it is suggested that you have your dinner three hours before so that it can be properly digested before you sleep. This not only prevents obesity, but you have a more regulated metabolism.

Hopefully, by carefully implementing these techniques in your daily routine, you will be seeing changes in your productivity and overall efficacy within a week! Most people fail to acknowledge the dire need of having a fixed circadian clock, hence it is mostly neglected.

How This Simple Life Hack Can Fix All Your Basic Problems?

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