Skills to Fix Samsung S7 edge Won’t Turn on with a Logic Board Solution

Samsung S7 edge

“Goodness, my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge won’t turn on!” Yes, we know and perceive how bothering it might be where your phone remains set at the dim screen for all intents and purposes like a dead wood. It is hard to oversee from Samsung repair places, especially when it doesn’t turn on paying little mind to how habitually you endeavor. In any case, you are not using any and all means the one in particular whose Galaxy S7 edge won’t control on. There are many like you going up against a near issue. 

One can find and endeavor some basic ways from Google, for instance, check the power button whether it hurt, perform creation line reset, etc. Such essential procedures we have referenced in how to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus not Charging and How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker sound not working. You can explore visiting closest Samsung fix store. 

  • Nonetheless, there can be various reasons in view of that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge won’t turn on. Concerning won’t control on went with 50mA-80mA boot current, the primary concern we do is to check power supply voltage. On account of nothing turns out gravely, the issue is bound to be related to CPU. 
  • In the occasion that there is odd voltage evaluated, by then check looking at broken circumstance on the board. The blemish part is finally confirmed as PMIC U7003, our concentrate today is fix this issue. We can fix the issue by displacing with another PMIC(You can examine our another about PMIC Replace Case-iPhone 6 Won’t Turn On Repair – PMIC Grinding and Replacing). By and by, stick to the bearings given underneath: 
  1. Before Repair Test 

Press the Galaxy S7 Edge power button, the phone won’t turn on. By then take out the SIM card plate and justification board. 

  1. Issue Analysis 

To begin with, we need to insist whether the boot current is average, for better estimation, apply tins to the battery connector and tie a length of red store wire. 

Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 

Broken samsung repair is easy with smart engineers.Trigger with tweezers to control on the phone, current scrutinizing on the ammeter is 50mA(For 50mA boot current of the phone). The issue is typically related to CPU and basic power supply voltage. 

Next, we should gauge the voltage yielded from PMIC, measure PP_0V8, PP_0V85, PP_1V8, PP_2V95, PP_1V25, PP_1V15 and PP_0V8 

Issue Detection 

  • Separate the power supply, empty the shield plate. Also, subsequently trigger with tweezers to control on the phone, measure L7012, L7011, C7067, C7044, C6040, L7015 and L7004 separately. 
  • The purposeful voltage of C7067 is lower than the standard worth (Normal worth should be about 1.8V). 
  • Step-wise, we can assert since the lack section is PMIC U7003. 


  • We need to displace another PMIC. 
  • In any case, remove shield plate on PMIC with Cutting Nipper, by then warmth up with Hot Air Gun. 
  • Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 
  • Bind PMIC from the board; apply some Paste Flux to the holding pad. Remove tins on the pad with Soldering Iron. 
  • Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 
  • Remove tins out and out with rosin soaked Solder Wick, when done, clean with PCB Cleaner. 

Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 

Apply some Paste Flux to the holding pad, get another PMIC in position and imbroglio with Hot Air Gun. At the point when done, keep things under control for the method of reasoning board to cool for 5 minutes, at last, clean with PCB Cleaner some time later. 

  • Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 
  • After Repaired Test 
  • By and by we can hoard the phone and test. 
  • Get the basis board presented, interface the battery, get the speaker and remote charging twist presented. 
  • Press the power catch to control on, the phone turns on normally. 
  • Answer for Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step 

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge won’t turn on issue fixed amazingly. For more experiences with respect to fix Galaxy S7 edge won’t control on please check our video. Any proposals or questions please comment underneath or go to ASK Forum to post query, we will endeavor our best to help you and answer you in time.

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