Smart Fashion Tips for Petite Girls

Smart Fashion Tips for Petite Girls

What’s the best thing about being petite when it comes to fashion? You need not give that dress you love a miss at the store just because it is over-sized. Buy it and get a tailor fit it to your size! You can shop for your own size and in the over-sized section too! What’s the icing on the cake? Hot Topic coupons! Say, you love two dresses. You need not choose one of the two. Buy both! That’s the benefit of coupons.

Usually, petite sizeneeds to dress such as to appear taller. However, this may not be the rule. Be comfortable in your own skin. Dress as you like because this is what oozes confidence. Say, you dislike flared jeans and somebody advises you to wear them, as it makes you look taller, you won’t show confidence. 

Instead, wear a well-fitted pair of trousers or cigarette pants, coupled with a well-fitting shirt and high heels – you will be raring to go. 

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SmartPetite Outfit Ideas

  1. For bustysize, choose an empire waistline silhouette. Balance is the key to your ensemble. 
  2. If a shirt is a bit loose layer it with a denim jacket or a cotton wrap-up. It not only looks stylish, but gives you a well fitted look. 
  3. Is the pair of jeans too long or the sleeves too long? Roll-up the sleeves upto your elbow. Roll up the jeans hem or tuck them neatly under. 
  4. Long dress for short girl? Maxis are usually not for petite frames, but hey, who wants to play by the rules here! Avoid voluminous maxis though. Maxi dresses with slits look sensuous on petite frames. 
  5. Love voluminous skirts? Wear them, but pair them with a body hugging top. Sizzling hot! 
  6. Wear high-waisted skirt or bottoms with crop tops. This shows off your tiny waist in an elegant fashion, while making you appear taller. Anything high-waisted is your best friend.
  7. Your skirts should fall above your knees or just on them. Skater skirts and flared skirts are the best choices for petites. 
  8. As far as possible, your bottoms and footwear should be of the same color. This makes your legs look long. 
  9. Choose brands that have special petite collections. Romwe has some remarkable collections. 
  10. Petite women should avoid wearing chunky shoes and platforms. Strappy stilettoes are for you, ladies! The thinner the strap, the sexier your feet! Love boots? Ankle-length boots work best on petite frames. Dig into the marvelous collections of boots, sandals, slippers, and sneakers for short girl at Romwe. Psst…want to show longer legs? Wear nude pumps! 
  11. Avoid baggy fabrics that hide your figure. So, instead of picking thosepalazzopants choose a pair ofwell-fit trousers. Or you could wear a pair of jeans that flares at the end. Skinny jeans look great on petite structures. Combine it with a peplum top for a lovely look.
  12. Short jackets are the best bet for petites. Blazers that nip at your waist and flare at your hips look terrific on petite figures. 
  13. Wear thin belts. Big, bulky belts will make you appear shorter. Shop for slim leather belts or minimalistic belts. They flatter your waist. Thin metallic belts and braided belts look great. You can give shape to any loose-fitting dress by wearing a belt. 
  14. Vertical lines on clothes make you appear taller. Avoid horizontal lines. Similarly, dressing up in monochrome gives the illusion of length. So, a petite may want to avoid color blocking and choose single-tone in her ensemble. 
  15. Follow the Two-Thirds-One-Third rule. This means, avoid wearing outfits that “cut you up into two” in the middle. (And that’s why color blocking is not usually for petites). Choose to wear bottoms that cover two-thirds of you, i.e., high-waisted ones. Choose shirts that cover one-third of you. So, you can tuck in the shirt. 

You can find a lot of stylish clothes for short people at stores like Romwe and Hot Topic. 

Hot Tip:

Whatever you wear, you must radiate confidence. Feel good. That’s what shows. If you feel conscious about your clothes, you snatch away the charm of your ensemble. Embrace your petite structure. Think of it as a blessing! You can beautifully wear body-hugging outfits without looking gaudy. 

The trick is to pick clothes intelligently and not copy others. Each body type is unique. Moreover, your preferences, tastes, and moods are different from others, right? As you take the coupons from the reputable website Don’tPayAll, remember to create your own signature style. 

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