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When should you have termite inspection in your house?

Termite Pest Control

Termites are one of those dangerous pests who have the ability to destroy your property. They have the ability to quietly eat away the wooden structure of your house from the inside out, without your knowledge. By the time, you get to know about their activity, it becomes too late. But some people ignore termite problems until it is too late to think about their prevention and eradication.

What is worse? These little predators can do severe damage to your house, which an insurance company can’t deal with. Everything seems completely fine until the house starts lifting to the left or collapses. As termites work in secret areas of your home, so it becomes hard to inspect until you look for them firmly. There are certain events which lead you to take termite inspection step and recommend you a perfect time frame for regular inspections.

Signs of termites – Termites are so sly in nature, that they work very silently which you can’t even notice until you check for their infestation closely. Some of the areas of infestation are doors, door jams, windows, wooden frames, and so on. They don’t even leave the decorative potted plants or the trees in your garden. So, the first sign of termite existence is their dark colored droppings.  It is mostly found near the wood. It indicates the infestation is at an initial step so you can easily control them.

But, if you encounter brown channels, then your house may be the permanent residence of colonies of termites. Though it is late, it is the right moment to call professional termite control service provider.

Time to call professionals – There won’t be any issue to call a professional termite exterminator for thorough inspection of your property. These experts have keen eye on details and years of experience to notice every little sign of termites.

While buying a house – While you are deciding to buy a house, it is necessary to perform a licensed inspection. As it involves your life long savings and sometimes a large amount of loan from banks, a termite inspection is vital before taking a radical decision. Unfortunately, if you purchase a termite infested property, then nothing can be more expensive loss than this. Make sure you get the house clean and deduct the amount from the payment which you are going to pay for your future home.

Building a house – While building a house, you can also perform termite inspection because these are very dangerous insects which can damage and weaken your house foundation. That’s why most builders introduce anti-termite actions in the building.

In Bangalore numerous companies you can find that offer free termite inspection for a limited period. If you want to introduce your house to termite inspection, then take advantage of those free offers. The people who live in a coastal area, they need to give extra attention to their property as termites adore humid climates.

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