Charity in 2019

The best ways to do Charity in 2019

Start this New Year with some positive attitudes. That’s because it really feels good and also it makes a huge difference in society. Charity always gives you an extraordinary feeling, and there is no doubt about it. Charity starts with giving your hard earned money to someone who is in need or gifting your quality time to others. The social, as well as the emotional benefits of Charity, are enormous. The givers can receive that precious happiness which cannot be gathered from somewhere else and the takers or those needy people can enjoy a good life just like others. But the question is how to start this charity. Here are the three best ways to do Charity in 2019. Let’s take a look.

Sponsor a child in India

Lok Kalyan Samiti is a great charitable trust that helps the needful as well as those children who cannot get proper education or Healthcare. In the year 1975, they resettled over 2 lakhs slum people in a better area, named NandNagri. Lok Kalyan Samiti is always at the forefront while providing healthcare, education, and sanitation to these needful and poverty-ridden people.

That is why they have launched this excellent sponsor a child program (full details here). Many children drop out from their schools just because of poverty. The parents cannot support them as they are also migrant workers. In that case, we have to help these poverty-ridden children for the development of their life.

Poverty can be distracted by education only

Only education can combat poverty. After educating themselves, they can lead a better and peaceful life. The story doesn’t end here. These children are the backbone of India. So if we need India to grow, we have to support these children.

Sponsor a child program is a significant step that gives them education, nutrition, healthcare so that they can polish their talent so that they can get equal opportunities like other children. You can contribute just Rs. 5000 a year or you can directly sponsor Rs. 55000. It will help a child to get education till class X.

National award-winning program

You can even check where your money goes and how they use your money to transform the lives of poverty-ridden children. This particular program has already changed many lives. That is why the ministry of women and child development gave the national award in the year 2009 for this child welfare programme.

Donate for cataract surgery with Lok Kalyan Samiti

You can even contribute to the cataract removal surgery. , and they use the latest technologies. You can sponsor it by spending just Rs. 1000 for a person. Lok Kalyan Samiti arranges this operation camp every week.

Organize a camp for cataract treatment

This one is one of the best ways to uplift many people’s lives at a time. Lok Kalyan Samiti offers cataract treatment for just Rs. 1000. You can even contribute Rs. 50000 to sponsor a whole camp. They will select the camp date in advance.

So here are some of the best ways to do charity in 2019. Keep in mind that your small contribution and change a child’s life.

The best ways to do Charity in 2019
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