Know All About The Methods That Are Used To Inspect A Home HVAC System

HVAC systems, which are usually known as Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems, are a modern invention that combines the functionality of a heater and air conditioner into a single system. Back in the day, consumers used to use heating stoves to keep their homes warm. But, in the modern-day, HVAC systems have become immensely popular, not only because they save energy but also are easy to control. 

The Impact of HVAC Systems On Your Health

You should understand that the HVAC system performs some of the vital functions for the occupants inside your house. Even though it’s quite true that our ancestors were not that lucky to be able to experience them, it’s time that we take full advantage of these systems because they make us comfortable & feel safe. Professional home inspection in Stafford VA points out that compared to installing separate heating and cooling systems for your home, HVAC systems do all of that under a single roof.  Such an aspect helps you to save your money from making further investments while also saving space within your home interiors, which can later be used for other purposes. 

In large-sized buildings, more than one HVAC system might be required. But, for small to medium-sized homes, a single HVAC system with the necessary capacity should suffice. 

Locating The Components of The HVAC System

Regardless of the number of units of HVAC systems you have inside your home, the home inspector should be able to identify all of them. Units are generally installed inside crawl spaces, attics or basements. If these spaces are mouldy, dusty or damped, then it can pose a serious threat to the functioning of the HVAC system. If the functioning of the HVAC system is affected, then it can lead to higher energy bills (due to inefficiency) as well as long-term damaging impact on the system.

In case there is any gas-powered furnace located nearby, the same should be inspected for any backdraft (air moving out of the furnace into the home atmosphere instead of getting eliminated outside) so that it doesn’t damage or affect the functioning of the HVAC system. Moreover, gas furnaces are quite notorious for creating toxic gas pollution (carbon-monoxide) within the home atmosphere – if not taken care properly. 

The Need For Fresh Air For The HVAC System

Since HVAC systems house the air conditioning component, it’s crucial that it gets an adequate amount of fresh air, so that it can circulate the same within your home. Therefore, the HVAC systems should be checked for any accumulation of debris and other contaminants. Accumulation of foreign agents will also affect the functioning of the system. 

Checking your HVAC system periodically will help you maintain your health & well-being and in case you need assistance with the same, be sure to contact us. 

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