The Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

One of the most striking features of laser hair removal in Alexandria VA is that it promises to remove hair permanently, and the health authorities approve this method. What is certain is that this kind of hair removal gradually reduces both the amount and the thickness of the hair, and that is why it is a very used method at present.

The laser for hair removal acts by penetrating the hair follicle to “damage” it, which prevents the follicle from activating and producing the hair again. There are several methods of hair removal that promise to get rid of hair forever: affordable laser hair removal is one of them.

And although there are testimonies that indicate that it is one of the most effective hairs removal techniques, there are also comments that suggest that it is not active and productive and that, on the contrary, it can cause alterations in the skin.

If you want to examine options before choosing how to remove your body hair, I invite you to read what you think of laser hair removal: pros and cons.

PRO: Super-Fast Depilation Sessions

If you are thinking about lessening your body hair count, the laser hair removal is the most recommended techniques to remove hair safely and effectively. The latest Best hair removal eliminates a fair bunch of strands in each session.

The advantages are unquestionable. It is a safe method which keeps the skin free of hair growth for a long time, which allows depilating large areas.

Furthermore, this treatment is also easy on medical applications such as patients suffering from pathologies, or those who need to remove skin grafts.

CON: Discomfort and Burning

When the laser is applied on any part of the skin, it is normal to feel a burning sensation or punctures, during the first two sessions. However, it is usually quite annoying, especially if you are epilating an area where the skin is sensitive. From the third and fourth session, the light punctures become bearable and less painful. In any case, waxing is not a pleasant experience either.

However, laser hair removal has the advantage where the growth of the hair tends to become gentle. The laser removal is practically effortless because it regularly applies the energy avoiding annoying peaks of heat.

PRO: Targets Stubborn Areas

It is important to highlight the areas where the hair tends to reappear persistently. It is because during the laser hair removal session the actual strands are removed, but the laser does not affect the hair follicles completely which can be activated over time. Usually, on the face, the soft facial hairs tend to slightly reappear.

Androgens or related hormones in our body also stimulate hair growth, both in males and females as they mature. However, often women who suffer from hormonal disorders involve fresh sessions over time to eliminate the new hairs.

CON: Pregnancy and Photosensitivity

During pregnancy, it is not allowed to perform laser hair removal in areas close to the abdominal and pelvic region. It is mainly to avoid any possible damage to the placenta or the fetus. The pregnant woman should consult her doctor. If you are taking any medication, you should warn the doctor to check if the drugs produce photosensitivity.

You should notify the doctor if you are diagnosed with a new pathology or if you are prescribed with a new medication before each new session to avoid contraction or side effects. The risk turns minimal if the hair removal is performed by a qualified skin professional.

Nevertheless, the melanin of the patient’s skin absorbs part of the light energy and, as a consequence, the skin overheating and a significant irritation or even a burn transpire.

 PRO: For All Skin Types and Hairs

It is a safe treatment for all types of skin. Although if your skin is brown you should look for the appropriate type of laser. The laser does not eliminate gray hair or fine hair. Fine hair does not absorb the light emitted by the laser.

Therefore, the doctor must evaluate the patient’s skin to see if it is possible to use the laser or not. Although there is laser equipment that can be used with relative safety on light skin. Besides that, the procedure is smooth and hassle-free.



  • Laser hair removal is done in large parts of the body so that you can treat a large area in each session.
  • Depending on your body, hair reduction can reach 80%, which reduces the need for shaving.
  • It is a safe treatment for all types of skin.
  • The contingency of the procedure is natural because you can continue using the shaver or wax to give a better appearance to the skin, but most likely you do not need it so often.
  • It is less painful than other body hair removal techniques.


  • You must remember that the laser produces a decrease in the appearance of hair, so do not expect it to disappear completely.
  • There is a possibility of experiencing side effects, such as itching to dermatitis.
  • It is a high-cost treatment, and several sessions are needed to start seeing the results.

Have you used laser hair removal? Are you happy with the result?

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