4 Important Tips to Look More Presentable

4 Important Tips to Look More Presentable

The saying goes that the first impression is the last impression. While that is up for debate, the fact is that your appearance, do make a difference. And no, this isn’t about how one looks naturally. It’s about how one carries himself, about how one presents himself. While it’s difficult to change the way one looks naturally, there are tips one can follow to look presentable.

Making oneself more presentable unlocks a lot of doors in life and is generally pleasing for everyone.

1. Confidence

Contrary to popular belief, confidence isn’t an inherent trait. Just like any other skill, confidence can be built up by practice and consistency. In fact, even faking confidence can work wonders towards building up real confidence! So, how does confidence fit into the ‘looking presentable’ mantra?

Well, think about two people — one who seems reserved in a social gathering, sitting at a corner and avoiding confrontation. Now think about a person who is mingling with the people, talking and looking like having a good time. Which one seems more inviting to an interaction? Certainly not the one who is slouching in the corner!

To be confident in one’s actions and the way one talks makes one a lot more presentable in all situations. Confidence is an immensely valuable trait to have in every dimension of life, and the same goes for looking presentable.

2. Grooming

It’s just natural that our brains like things which are neat and clean. Many life coaches and public speakers emphasize the importance of dressing well. Dressing for success is bound to bring one success. In fact, according to experts, dressing for a position one wants increases the actual chances of getting it.

Personal grooming doesn’t consist of only the way one dresses, though. Trimming hair, keeping nails cut and shaving off that shabby beard all counts towards a well-groomed personality. The first that people notice about a person is how one looks overall. Not everyone is going to come up and start talking. If one isn’t groomed, a great opportunity may get missed by failing to build a connection with other people.

3. Dress Appropriately

The importance of donning well-fitting and clean clothes is common knowledge. However, a lot of people seem to understate the importance of dressing appropriately as well.

Dressing appropriately means wearing what social norms dictate in a particular situation. After all, what would it look like if someone wears beach shorts to an office event?

However, you shouldn’t confuse proper dressing with buying expensive clothes. Indeed, inappropriate clothes, including very cheaply priced clothes, should be avoided.

Just like availing an extremely cheap essay help the UK may create a bad impression, so do extremely cheap clothes.

4. Exercise

There’s a wealth of benefits of exercising regularly. Working out uplifts the mood and makes one generally happier throughout the day. But what isn’t common knowledge is that exercising can have a positive impact on one’s personality!

Exercising increases confidence and self-esteem as it directly improves the physical image of a person and feeling confident in one’s own body is crucial to being more presentable to others.

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