Top 10 Math Websites For Parents And Kids

Top 10 Math Websites For Parents And Kids

To some people math and problems solving is a difficult job they find it too hard to solve those problems. It’s natural and there are multiple innate reasons for this kind of hindrance. Often kids not only dislike math as a subject but are also ridden with anxiety and fear that may not be able to solve it and this causes stress and anxiety, the brain tends to freeze and forget normally considered math calculations.

But experts are of the view that gaining confidence to solve math successfully isn’t that difficult and it might not be always about the mental disorder it may be due to lack of poor foundation. Student or a learner might have missed out on a few basic concepts and now the problem solving has become an ardent task.

However, now you know that your kid or you are struggling with math but there is nothing to worry about with proper guidance, learning tools and solid concepts you will be able to achieve higher grades in the subject you have struggled most.

Here is a list of top ten math website that will help you to rebuild your confidence and skill in mathematics.

1. Art of Problem Solving

The key feature of this website is that it deals with math discussions, competitions, and lessons for different grades of students. The highlight of this website is its presentation of concepts through clearly formed videos. These videos deal with concepts like pre-algebra, counting and probability and AMC that is American competition for mathematics.

You will find it very helpful if you are a beginner as well as for those at advanced levels, with the clear specifications of topics and subtopics it becomes easier to classify your topic of difficulty. Moreover, after every video, the tutor elaborates the topic exercises making it user-friendly for all those parents, teachers and students.

2. Education World

So, not every website is for everybody the difference in teaching methodology matters the highlight of the education world is its free downloadable worksheets. The emphasize lay upon practicing the concept after they have been understood. Tutors all over the world emphasize the importance of practice in mathematics and through this website, you would be able to practice well. If you take your wards own lessons or home school your child then this would serve as a master class because of the availability of resource material.

3. Clif Notes

If you are a student or a teacher you would be familiar with the concept of cliff notes. You might have gone through a summary of a book or chapter but now, Cliff notes deals with math problems. The level this website offers deals with two to twelve grades. The website deals with a vast variety of topics that’s from algebra to calculus to geometry. The most prominent feature of this website is its quizzes and practice of topics.

4. Wyzant

This website stands tall in the list because of its design for a table of content you don’t have to dive in for the topic search all the details can be viewed easily. The level this website offers ranges from kindergarten to twelve grades. Taking care of all the fundamentals of mathematics that will help you guide concepts and builds basic knowledge about the subject.

5. math Pickle

The most important factor of this website is its teaching methods through videos and activities. It is designed to make learning fun through those activities and particularly designed with the teacher in mind.

6. Hooda Maths

At times when learning is carried out consciously, it becomes difficult to learn the formulas and concepts the effective methodology of teaching math emphasizes on teaching those methods unconsciously. These websites contain online games and fun activities from kindergarten to grade 12 students. Kids actively invest their time playing games and learning math.

7. Pauls Online Math Notes

This particular website is designed for advanced level of learners that is from ninth grade to twelfth grade making it easier for advanced learners. The essential element of this website is its cheat sheets these sheets are designed to improve your fundamental concepts of algebra, calculus and differential equations.

8. Academics

This friendly and highly illustrative website for math learners hits the list because of its attractive and interesting games designed for kindergarten to sixth-grade students. These games are free and user-friendly designed to improve your basic skill of calculations.

9. Khan Academy

This website has gained a lot of popularity among math learners all over the world and rightly so. You just have to log in for free take a math test and resolve your math concepts as higher grades as you want. The wide range of topics includes statistics, calculus, geometry, and test preparations.

10. Patrick JMT

Last but the most user-friendly and effective website in the world of math. Patrick JMT is just math tutorials that are designed to help you overcome math problems builds effective concepts and gives you a visually clear and appealing understanding of every fundamental concept of mathematics.

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