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Top 10 Move Out Cleaning Tips


If you move, there are many reasons why you should leave your old home in perfect condition. Here are 10 tips for a thorough final cleaning.

1. Start Cleaning After Packing

Start cleaning your home after dismantling your furniture and packing moving boxes. It’s easier to clean open spaces – the more you risk tripping. It is also very tedious and tedious to lift heavy sofas and bed bases in order to clean them underneath.

2. Hire a professional cleaning company

We always recommend using a professional cleaning company for final cleaning. The reason is that it needs to be deepened because it’s not just a regular weekly cleaning. Experienced cleaners know where dirt and grime accumulate and which areas to focus on. They also have the right products and equipment for each piece. If you rent the property, the final cleaning by professional house cleaners Tauranga will mean that the chances of receiving your lease bond from the real estate agent are much greater.



3. Materials Recommended For The Job

After mentioning the previous point about hiring a cleaning company, if you want to go it alone, make sure you have the following essential cleaning products before you start: • Disinfectant • Oven Cleaner • Cloths and Cloths cleaning • Mop • Bucket • Sponges and scouring pads • Rubber gloves

4. Every Room Counts

Dust each piece. Pay attention to  • Corners • Shelves and wall units • Skirting • Frames and window sills • Door frames • Blinds • Lighting • Vents

5. Take It Slow

Start with one piece at a time. Vacuum in each room. Clean floors that are not carpeted. The kitchen and the bathroom will probably require the most work.


6. How to Clean the Kitchen

In the kitchen: • Clean the interior cabinets. Get rid of stains, grease stains and crumbs. • Clean the inside of the oven. Use strong products to get rid of accumulated fat and grime. The interior of the oven is usually inspected during inspections. • If possible, move appliances and clean areas that are generally hidden. This will save you time on the day of the move. • Wash the dishwasher filters and exhaust fans thoroughly.

7. How to Clean the Bathroom

In the bathroom: • Scrub each area. • Use a specialized cleanser for moldy putty in baths and showers and let stand overnight. • Remove debris from the drains. • Dip the showerhead in white vinegar to remove tartar. • Clean the toilet thoroughly.

8. Make sure all points are cleaned

Clean windows inside and out with rags and window cleaner Tauranga. Be sure to go through all areas of the residence to ensure thorough cleaning.

9. Make The Cleaning Fun

Prepare a fun playlist or podcast to keep you company while you clean. This will lighten your mood – you might even forget that you clean!

10. Do not waste your cleaning

Finally, if your movers have not moved all your furniture yet, be sure to let them know that the final cleaning has taken place. If possible, they can clean their shoes to keep the floors clean and make sure they do not scratch or mark the walls or door frames when moving all furniture. If you want to know more about cleaning services, then visit our website. Get in touch with us.

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