Top 3 Mods for Yamaha RT100

Yamaha RT100

When you get a new bike, it’s normal to start making a list of things you want to change. Some riders don’t even wait—they start tweaking before they start the motor. There is an endless number of modifications you can make on a dirt bike, but what works for racing may not work so well for trail rides. Because many bike owners do both, here are the top 3 mods for Yamaha RT100 to help you enjoy both types of riding on the same machine.

Control Elements

Comfort is critical when riding and breaking in a new bike can take some time. If your arms, back or legs are sore after a ride, you are likely uncomfortable while riding too. Speed up the break-in process by adjusting control elements to suit your preferences. Consider upgrading elements such as these:

  • Handlebars
  • Footpegs
  • Grips
  • Levers

When your feet and arms rest in the correct positions, you’ll be able to avoid rider fatigue on longer rides and races. You’ll also be able to control your bike better when you’re not trying to hang on so tight. Shopping for aftermarket parts for Yamaha RT100 such as these elements is a great start on your upgrade list.

Suspension System

If you ride hard in the dirt or on the trail, you need to upgrade your bike’s suspension. Adjustable shocks let you dial in support for whatever kind of riding you do and change it at will. While you expect rough riding on a dirt bike, how rough do you really want it? Teeth-chattering jars and jolts are never fun, and they’re not easy on your body or your bike either. They can also be dangerous if you lose control on a rough patch. Browse for top-performing shocks at the same place you shop for the best Yamaha OEM parts.

Exhaust System

Swapping out your stock exhaust is an excellent way to boost your power. An aftermarket exhaust can help your engine work more efficiently, returning power to it that can be lost otherwise. You can choose to replace the entire system or just the muffler; there are a variety of slip-on mufflers available to fit your ride. Benefits you can experience with a high-performance exhaust include:

  • Lighter weight
  • Increased power
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Modifying volume and tone

Aluminum exhausts are lightweight, but stainless steel withstands corrosion better for those who ride in mud, stagnant water or are around chemicals. Although they are purely cosmetic benefits, many riders want mufflers that deliver a better sound or just look cool—and that’s fine. Remember, however, if you trail ride, you’re going to need a spark arrester to guard against fires.

Shopping Online

These aftermarket mods for motorcycles will help you feel more comfortable with your new dirt bike, or trail bike as the case may be. Whether you want to invest in these aftermarket parts or start with an upgraded clutch, chain, and sprockets or another item, getting started is as easy as shopping online at your favorite parts supplier. Grab your list and start making your mark on your bike.

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