Top 5 Heritage Sites of Buddhism in India

Top 5 Heritage Sites of Buddhism in India

Bodhgaya, Bihar

Bodhgaya is one of the ancient and religious place, that is the most important pilgrimage for the tourists. This place is also known as the city of Buddha situated in the Gaya district of Bihar. Bodhgaya is not only a single spot, but it is a group of place consisting Buddhist temples, statues and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. All these spots are related to the life of Siddhartha Gautama and now it is become the most holy place for the Buddhists. One can spend their entire weekend with different destinations of Bodhgaya. There are some activities are also available like meditation and morning prayers for everyone. This is one of the beautiful spot for the Hindus and Bhuddhists both to spend their quality time with family.

Rajgir & Nalanda, Bihar

Rajgir is one of the ancient place in Bihar state and was the capital of Magadha Kingdom. The place is now become a beautiful spot for tourists to visit historical things and a number of tourist spots. It is included in one of the Buddha’s holy site and perfect spot for religious practices. Rajgir is poular because Gautama Buddha spent several months here with meditating at Gridhra-Kuta. Nalanda is also a beautiful place near Patna and popular for its revered Buddhist monastery. The both places Rajgir and Nalanda is perfect for a religious trip and easily planned in a single day. One can spend their entire day with the wonderful surroundings these places.

Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh

Sarnath is a historical city in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. It is popular as one of the religious place, becasue it is having a number of pilgrimage site. One of the popular site is Deer Park, that is known be the place, where Gautam Buddha was thaught about Dharma. Dhamekh Stupa is a another site in this village to visit. There is also a beautiful park around this stupa and tourists are love to spend their quality time here. Some more places, that you can visit during tour of Sarnath are Singhpur and Isipatana. Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, is a record of teaching given by Buddha in Sarnath, that you can visit during tour of Isipatana.

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

One of the famous place for Buddhist is situated in Sanchi, that tourist come to visit from all over country. It is known to be Sachi Stupa and popular for its great Stupa. The entire place is situated on a hilltop and preferred spot for the religious person. There is some more Stupas, having names Sanchi Stupa 1, Sanchi Stupa 2, Sanchi Stupa 3 and many Buddhist temple. The entire destinations are having a number of tourist spot, that is perfect for your weeekend tour. A person can plan for this beautiful historical place with a group of person. This place is totally dedicated to Buddhisht religion and Gautam Buddha.

The Key Monastery, Spiti valley

The Key Monastery, also known as Kye Gompa is one of the preferred religious destination for Buddhisht. This is a Tibetan Buddhisht Monestery in Spiti Vallay and situated on the top of hill. The site is very close to the Spiti River in Lahaul and Spiti District. India. The complex is popular for its morning prayer and religious practices. Tourist are planning to Indore to Lahaul Spiti package in India for spending quality time during their holiday. It is also a religious training centre for the Dharma teachers in Tibetan Buddhism. Tourist are visit some more destination around this complex. The surroundings are completely enclosed with mountains and provides you piece of mind.

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