And we promise you will be surprised to know about some of the trending paint colors and how easily you can introduce a fresh coat of paint to your walls. So, let’s check out that mesmerizing vibrant color palette.

  1. Hazelnut – Those warm and tempting vibrant shades of hazelnut paint colors are always there in style for decades. Moreover, it never gets a clash with existing furnishings. If you want this color to be in your home’s walls, then take a quick survey of every room and consider which spaces need to be colored up with hazelnut color. This color catches more light as hazelnut shades are very good in bouncing light off and give a magnificent look to your room.
  2. Lilac Grey – Though people prefer dove grey as it is one of the most classic paint colors for a perfect modern alternative, lilac grey has come to be the new paint color trend in 2019. Lilac grey gives a warmer, gender neutral and cheery appearance to the walls. Some of interior wall painting service providers recommend this shade as it works as a refreshing alternative.
  3. Dark Green – Officially called “night watch” and one of the top 2019 paint colors. The shade is primarily a new trend on rich hunter green shade which hasn’t looked feasible, since the last time it was in the interior designing list in the late ’90s.

This deep green shade will work to surpass the feeling of lush botanicals and the healing power of greenery earth while setting the color tone with a solid foundational character.

  1. Muted Pastels – Pastel shade has a soothing appeal that brings chalky, muted tones on your walls. It is a perfect choice for gender neutral rooms and common areas like kitchen area and bathrooms. They also conceal all the everyday scrape and notch marks. You can also choose similar muted paint colors if you are not hunting for an unexpected bold colors.
  2. Soft Clay – Those who have wanderlust or earthy spirit, soft clay paint colors are just for them. It is a perfect alternative to beiges and browns. Terra cotta, caramel, burnt orange and clove home interior paint colors give you more personality than any other neutral color could ever give.
  3. New Blues – People, who are the typical or traditional mentality, may love these charcoal blue, ice blue, powder blue, and gray-blue hues. If you are picking one of the shades that leave a powerful impact, then tone it down with a more muted and subtle color palette.
  4. Pewter – It is the perfect combination of a gray and beige and rich option to all white, blank walls. It provides an almost blank canvas that can be anything but tedious.

You might have got an exact view of these trending paint colors. Now, you must be dreaming about your house to be colored by one of these shades. But if you want to get more information and some more professional recommendations on the trending shades of 2019, then contact TechSquadTeam. Our professional interior wall painting service is teamed with excellent professionals, who have all knowledge about color palettes and strong will power to provide you the best service.