How to Use Flowers in Your Wedding Decor?

Wedding Decor

Every lovely and attractive wedding is always bursting with blooms in every season. Flowers are the main attraction element of every small and grand wedding decor. 

If you also want to give your wedding decor a stunning look then it is a must to add a careful selection of flowers. 

Moreover, flowers never go out of fashion and you can use them at any corner of the venue. 

Plus, make sure you choose the best flower service provider for your special day such as Newport Beach flower delivery

Let’s check out some of the most striking ways to use flowers in a wedding decor.

  1. Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are a traditional part of every wedding for many years. Bridal bouquets are used in many different ways such as fresh bouquets, artificial bouquets designed in button arrangement and many more. 

If you choose natural flowers then they will surely mesmerize your wedding guests with their lovely smell. Plus, you can also add flowers into your outfit with buttonholes. 

  1. Petal Confetti

Petal confetti is another highly acceptable flower trend in weddings. Natural fresh flowers with their fresh fragrance are surely an enthralling addition to any place. 

Make sure you choose flowers that complement the wedding theme. Petals can be scattered at the entrance or on the stage to make the way to look more beautiful. 

  1. Stage and Aisle 

It is important to decorate the center of a wedding stage to make it look more attractive. Choose the best flowers to decorate the stage and aisle. Decorate the seats with big flowers but also remember to leave some space for the guests. 

  1. Floral Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are the most magnificent piece of decoration that people are using since old age. They are big and bright that quickly dazzles any place with their unparalleled luminance. 

Decorating a big chandelier with flowers will entirely transform its beauty. Therefore, if you want to bring a unique touch to your wedding then do not skip floral chandeliers. 

  1. Floating Floral 

A lovely water landscape surely adds more beauty to any wedding décor. However, you can take the beauty of that water landscape to another level with the addition of floating flowers.

Simply make a unique arrangement of flowers and candles on the water. A pool in the wedding venue decorated with floating flowers and candles will surely make the look entirely jaw-dropping. 

  1. Inverted Garden

The inverted garden is a very unique way of decorating a wedding. An inverted garden is installed on the ceiling above the dining table. 

Just turn it down from above and it will make your ceiling look entirely enthralling. This idea also saves a lot of space over the table and bar area. 

On the Ending Note 

You can easily use all these amazing flowers decoration ideas in your wedding. However, it is important to choose the best flower decoration service provider to ensure that everything looks according to the latest design trends. You can choose Newport Beach flower delivery for high-quality services.

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