What are the most anticipated movies?

What are the most anticipated movies?

We’re celebrating great movies and in addition to our latest coverage of Best of 2018’s year-end, you’ll often see how we explore our love for older films. However, that does not mean that we are not looking forward to exciting and high expectations for future films.

Several hundred films will be released in 2019, and we wanted to reduce them to those films that we are most looking forward to this year. A dozen of us voted, and when the smoke cleared, we had ten films left – some big, some small, worth jazzing about. Here are our 5 most anticipated Films.


Larry Fessenden and his company Glass Eye Pix are among Lloyd Kaufman’s Tromp Entertainment one of the most respected staples of New York’s genre film. From habit to Beneath, Fessenden takes dried-out tropics and turns them like only a New Yorker in the drizzle could.

What seems to have been seen as an attempt by Fessenden to revive The Dark Universe (#Team Mummy), Depraved can also be described as Fessenden-Frankenstein. Next to the toxic mud of the Gowns Canal, a PTSD-suffering field surgeon burns life from discarded body parts in his Brooklyn-based lab. While I’d like to joke about hipsters, gentrify Brooklyn, and already be dead, if I know Larry’s work, he’ll have the satire in spades.

Hobbs and Shaw:

The release of a new movie from Fast and the Furious is an event for me. For me, this franchise is more exciting than Christmas, my birthday and my annual Tinder date in one, and I can’t wait. Adding Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham to this ridiculous franchise was a stroke for ingenious testosterone, and although they were not part of the family from the start, the chemistry between the two actors is arguably the strongest since Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. This is all that a top-notch palsy comedy with a physicist plot needs to supplement the weird bedfellow relationship between the title pair. David Letch on the director’s chair is also a great date.

Boss Level:

It’s been a while since Joe Carnahan staged a movie. So damn it, he’ll be back in Boss Level in 2019, a mid-range science fiction thriller starring Frank Grille as a retired soldier in a time warp. Helping or hindering him is Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yoho, Ken Jung and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. With Grille vs. Gronkowski, there certainly has to be beef, and that alone is worth the ticket price. Will Sass is there, too.

Under the Silver Lake:

David Robert Mitchell’s “It Follows” has been looking for something else in the genre audience, and even after repeated it’s a convincing story of personal horror. When he switched to horror with his first two teen-aged films, Mitchell’s third film once again takes a new direction with a modern noir that nicely overlays familiar tropes.

The result is an absurdly funny and sad story about the things we believe they need, regardless of the cost to us or others. Andrew Garfield is perfect as a young man desperately looking for a missing wife, and he has to be in more motion pictures with funny reaction shots because he’s perfect. If the movie feels big, stretched, and messy, then that’s how the Los Angeles that explored our “hero” is designed as it is. It’s a beautiful, mesmerizing and very funny watch, and I look forward to more people walking into this rabbit hole.


Despite hyper-violent rambles in science-fiction and horror with man-eating arachnids, a cyber with an identity crisis, and Michael Douglas clubbed in a wooly pullover, Christianity has always been a heart dear to Paul Verhoeven. After writing a book deconstructing Jesus and his myths, director Benedetti has published a biographical drama based on the 17th century Nun Benedetti Carline.

If you’re wondering how much of a Verhoeven image this will be, just know that it’s based on Judith C. So it’s a Paul Verhoeven movie about a girl in a monastery who got up to strange things 600 years ago. If that does not upset your appetite, the award-winning Virginia Efra – who played a small role in Elle – and Charlotte Rumpling starred. And if you want another idea, just search for the NSFW teaser poster.

What are the most anticipated movies?

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