What is Demisexual? – Meaning and Definition

What is Demisexual meaning

Have you ever wondered what happens when you don’t feel attracted towards someone sexually unless and until you form an emotional connection with them? While you may think that it is pretty “conventional” in this era. However, you have to know what being demisexual means. So, never heard of the term before? Then worry not. Because here we will share with you the true meaning of demisexuality or Gray asexuality. Moreover, we will share everything that is there to know about it. 

What does it mean to be a demisexual?

What does it mean to be a demisexual

Most of the time, many tend to think about getting emotionally attached before becoming physically involved. Moreover, to a certain part of society, emotional intimacy is just as important as a sexual one. While many use the concept with one another. One cannot deny its meaning because emotional connection is about physicality as well. Relationship therapists claim that one feels empowered after advocating their needs. It helps them accept themselves, which leads them to the procedure of sex.

In other words, these are the people who tend to watch emotional connection more important than just sex. Hence, it is a necessity for them which is equivalent to having sex. Thus, for a demisexual, indulging in a one-night stand, casual sex and kisses are just a no-go.

For them, it is the emotional connection that they seek. So, if this thought process demonstrates your lifestyles and how you see sex, then you know what you are. Yes, a demisexual. (Read more)

Let’s Thoroughly Discuss the Concept of Demisexuality:

Let's Thoroughly Discuss the Concept of Demisexuality

Brian Langevin who is the executive director of Asexual Outreach has commented, ‘Demisexuality is a sexual orientation like gay or bisexual.’ Moreover, according to the resource’s website, namely demisexuality.org, the demisexual meaning signifies having ‘a sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond’.

It further provides information on how they are rarely attracted sexually compared to other people. However, they are not asexual. So “what is demisexual?”. Only after forming an emotional connection, can a person having demisexuality tendencies submit to having sex.

Moreover, it means that this type of sexuality is not a personality trait. It is indeed a way of perceiving things that helps them connect. Although many take the people concerned to be prudes. But in reality, they are not. They are just concerned.

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Let’s talk about the term “demisexual”

How Will You Know That You Are a Demisexual

A source has claimed that the term “demisexual” came to light in 2006 on a website called Asexual Visibility and Education Network. The authority created the website to address the confusion of many asexual people. After realizing the demisexual definition, many understood their orientation. It helps them find their way amidst such existentialism.

How will you know that you are a Demisexual?

Shouldn't There Be a Demisexual Flag

It can be tough to understand whether you are demisexual or not if you are not aware of it. Only by finding things that resonate with them, can they know about it. So, finding stories about such exposure will help one. Moreover, asking questions to oneself will also help you be aware.

  •  Is sexual attraction an important aspect of a relationship for me?
  • Is it deadset important for me to be sexually attracted to the person I am in a relationship with?
  • Who have I been in a sexual relationship with? And how was my relationship with them?
  • Did I feel sexually attracted to them at the beginning?
  • Did I start feeling sexually attracted to them after getting to know them?
  • Do I feel sexually attracted to new people or people I have just met?
  • Do I feel sexually attracted to people I don’t know well?
  • How well do I have to know a person before feeling something for them?
  • What kind of relationship do I want to have in the future? And how do I see myself in one?
  • What are the important things I want to achieve in a relationship?

By answering all these quarries, we feel you will get the answer to the “Am I demisexual?” question. Not only will you be able to understand yourself better, but will find a designation as well.

Shouldn’t there be a Demisexual Flag?

Women Kissing

Almost every kind of orientation has a flag allotted to them. It is no different. There is a demisexual flag as well. They use the colors of the asexual flag. However, arranged in different patterns. The demisexual flag has a black triangle on the left side. While there are three stripes. On top is white, in the middle is purple, meanwhile, in the bottom, there is black.

Ending note

Now that you know more about yourself, why not take the flag and march down the parade?

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