What is The Relationship Compatibility X – Factor

What is The Relationship Compatibility X - Factor

The X – Factor. No not the show, the ever-elusive relationship X – Factor. What is it and how does one go about obtaining it with their partner? We delve into the most important aspects of a relationship that strengthen pair bonding and bring out your X-Factor.

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It is normal to get caught up in life. Work strains, other relationships, money problems, and daily commutes to the rat race all take a psychological toll. Wanting to express those frustrations or share the day with your partner is natural but a couple who succeed keep it to a minimum. Having the X-Factor means setting a time for shop talk closing.

From that time, communication is about other meaningful things. Communicating their feelings, discussing common interests and making plans for their future all help to reconnect them on a psychological level.

It’s All About Fun

Fun is a fundamental part of any romantic relationship. Having fun, laughing together or enjoying physical activities together creates a chemical reaction in the brain that strengthens pair bonding and reinforces the love between you and your partner. X-Factor couples understand that 70% of their relationship should be fun while the rest can be filled with the seriousness of life.

Don’t Lose You

You were an individual before you became a couple and you should not lose yourself. Far too often, a person will invest all their time and effort into their partner and neglect themselves. X-Factor couples understand that investing in themselves and keeping their identity allows them to give their best in a relationship.

Remember, your significant other was attracted to you in the beginning because of all the things that made you who you are. Don’t give them up.

Touch Me

We don’t just mean sexually. Touch each other, as much as possible. Touch is a fundamental part of bonding and human relationships. Couples with the X – Factory consciously make time to touch each other in a loving, affectionate and playful way. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

Pick Your Battles

X-Factor couples understand that not every argument is worth the time, effort and aggravation it will cause in their relationship. They understand that it is okay to feel the stresses and strains of life, but it is not okay to react to petty irritations in your relationship by being snappy and reactive.

The next time your partner irritates you, laugh it off and guide the dialogue to solution-driven communication. Better yet, tell your partner you understand their frustration and ask them what you can do to help them while cuddling. 

Private Time

Everyone needs personal space. Being a couple does not mean you are required to live in each other’s face and space all the time. Giving your partner time to reflect and process their day, feelings and frustrations before talking about it shows them that you respect them as an individual. Sometimes all a person needs is ten minutes alone and a cup of tea to reset before they give you the best of them again.

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