Who is Nicole Scherzinger Dating?

Who is Nicole Scherzinger Dating

All of us have heard about the internet sensation Nicole Scherzinger, haven’t we? Nicole is a pop singer and dancer. In this article, we will discuss mostly who she is currently dating as well as some interesting biographical details. So, if you are one of her fans you can go through this article to know all these details.

A Short Biographical Sketch

As we know Nicole Scherzinger is a famous pop singer as well as a dancer. She was born on June 29, 1978, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Therefore, Nicole Scherzinger’s age is 43 years. Although her parents raised her mostly in Kentucky. In fact, she was taken there by her mother when she was just six years old.

Nicole Scherzinger Career

Nicole went to a reputed performing arts high school. Here she received all the training that has made her so famous today. Moreover, following her graduation, she studied at the prestigious Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. In fact, she is a Major in Theater Arts and also holds a degree in dance as well. Later she also served at the late 90’s rock group, Days of the New, as a backing vocalist.

Although Nicole became extremely famous after she won the role of a lead singer in a WB television show Popstars in 2001. It is this show that set sail her ship of success and she became an internet sensation overnight.

Relationship Status

Nicole Scherzinger's boyfriend Thom Evans
Nicole Scherzinger is dating Thom Evans | Image Credit Nicole Scherzinger/Instagram

All of Nicole’s fans are eager to know who she is dating presently. We will provide you with all such details, right here. Nicole Scherzinger’s boyfriend is Thom Evans. They first met on the famous show, “The X Factor: Celebrity” in 2019. It is from then they started dating.

The fans of Nicole consider her and her boyfriend as Instagram’s steamiest couple. Nicole’s previous relationships had also drawn the attention of her fans, just like her present one. Thom Evans is Scotland’s former rugby player. Although both the partners are from entirely diverse fields, they are very much in love with each other.

What is the Net Worth of Nicole Scherzinger

As we know that Nicole is an internet sensation, it is very obvious that her net worth too will be jaw-dropping for the fans. According to our sources, Nicole Scherzinger’s net worth is around $14 million.

Final Thoughts

Celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger prove repeatedly the power that lies within women. They let the world see how a normal young girl can reach the pinnacle of success through her talent and hard work. Nicole is currently at the peak of her career and we wish her all the same throughout her life.

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