Who is Olivia Ponton Dating?

Who is Olivia Ponton
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Olivia Ponton is a famous model and social media influencer who became popular for her videos having lifestyle content. Olivia Ponton’s age is 18 years old. She came into this world on 30th May 2002 in Florida. If you search for her in TikTok, you will see that she is a member of Hype House with 6.3 followers. Also, she has 2.9 million followers on her Instagram handle. If there is one thing that Olivia loves a lot, it is travelling. If you are wondering about How tall is Olivia Ponton? She is 5’9”.

Olivia Ponton age

That’s how popular she is right now. Due to her recent posts, people are curious about her love life. To know more about who she is dating, just keep reading! You must have indeed seen or at least heard about Olivia Ponton TikTok. On the other hand, if you use Instagram and TikTok, you can’t miss her.

Who is Olivia Ponton dating?

Olivia Ponton Kaila Novak dating
Image Credit: TikTok: ohkai_ / Instagram: olivia.ponton

Due to her recent post in TikTok, there have been many speculations on who is the love of her life. In her recent interview, she identified herself as bisexual and was proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Also, she revealed that Kaila Novak is her love.

Who is Kaila Novak?

Kaila Novak

Kaila Novak is a 19-year-old student at UCLA. Also, she is a part of the women’s soccer team as a forward. Plus, she got the spotlight on TikTok with her lip-syncing and dance videos. Kaila has around 850K followers on her social media handle. Also, she has 65.8K followers on her Instagram account.

Right now, you can see the duo featuring each other’s social media handles with their videos. Truly, Olivia Ponton has become a role model for many for standing up to what they believe in. I hope you got the answer of your question who is Olivia Ponton and her personal life.

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